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Exploding the Myth of the Low-Salt Diet

Don't Risk Your Health Even One More Day
By Cutting Down on Salt

I don't salt my food anymore . . . At least, not with regular old table salt.

Yet I'm not on a low-salt diet, either.

I use plenty of salt to spice up my food — just not the dead, toxic stuff you probably have in your kitchen.

That's because of what I've discovered recently from Dr. David Brownstein, the medical editor of our latest Newsmax publication.

When you ask him about the low salt diet recommended by most conventional doctors, even the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, he says:


And here's just one reason why he says it . . .

For Nearly Everyone, a Low-Salt Diet
Does NOT Lower Blood Pressure

Despite what you may have heard, a low-salt diet
will NOT significantly help you lower your blood pressure!

It's true. Even in those individuals with high blood pressure, the lowering effect is quite modest at best. Still, Dr. Brownstein will tell you that he learned in medical school the traditional party line that salt = hypertension (high blood pressure).

But he began researching the therapeutic use of salt when many of his patients did poorly on a low-salt diet. Plus, many of them didn't remain on the diet because it made their food tasteless and dull.

And when he began practicing a more holistic form of medicine, Dr. Brownstein was shocked to find that most of his patients were deficient in minerals, and suddenly . . .

He Made the Refined
Salt Connection

What Dr. Brownstein realized was that refined or regular table salt has NO minerals.

And not surprisingly, those with chronic illness are often more mineral deficient than those who are comparatively well. Minerals such as magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium are vital for life.

After researching various types of salt, Dr. Brownstein found the solution in the form of unrefined salt.

Unlike refined table salt, unrefined salt contains over 80 essential minerals.

He started recommending it to his patients — and a funny thing happened . . . When his patients began using unrefined salt as part of their holistic treatment regimen:

  • Their mineral deficits improved . . .
  • Those with high blood pressure began to see their numbers decrease . . .
  • He noted that patients with immune and hormonal problems also began to get better . . .

How could this happen?

Without Salt, Life Itself Would Not Be Possible

Salt is as important to life as oxygen and water.

In fact, salt and water work together to do important work in your body, including stimulating your metabolism, helping you detoxify, and making sure your nerves, hormones and immune system function properly.

Yet the food industry has sold you a “bill of goods” on refined salt for the same reason they refine other products like sugar, flour, and oils — to maximize their profits.

For one thing, the refining process, which eliminates all of salt's life-sustaining properties, ensures that it won't go rancid. That salt can sit on the shelf forever, with no expiration date. This saves the food industry a heck of a lot of money.

And then there's marketing . . . Salt manufacturers have found that an “all-white” product appears cleaner and more appealing to you — the consumer.

But Everyone Says Salt Is Bad for You . . .

Despite the fact that scientific research does not support the claims for low salt diets, even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is getting into the act. It's now considering regulating salt as a dangerous substance!

The salt controversy is so full of half-truths and downright lies that Dr. Brownstein decided to tackle it head-on in the second issue of his Newsmax newsletter Natural Way to Health.

In this valuable special report, “Exploding the Myths Around Salt and Your Health”, you'll discover:

  • Dr. Brownstein's personal recommendation for a healthful and effective brand of unrefined salt . . .
  • How unrefined salt helps correct the dehydration issue so prevalent today (particularly important if you drink caffeinated coffee, tea, or soda) . . .
  • What's actually in that salt you've been shaking onto your food? See why “pure” does NOT mean what you think it does . . .
  • The little known link between salt and your body's pH (essential to balancing your delicate inner chemistry) . . .
  • How much unrefined salt you should add to the water you drink each day . . .
  • And much more . . .

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Big Pharma's Big Lie About
Osteoporosis and Aging:

Osteoporosis is NOT a Natural Part of Aging!

Discover Why Drugs are Not the Only Way
to Treat the Real Disease of Osteoporosis

PLUS: The #1 Lie Big Pharma wants you to believe can actually make your bones weaker.

I have a confession to make . . .

I don't like the idea of growing older and having my bones start to give out on me. Really, who wants to tread lightly through their retirement years afraid the next step they take could land them in the hospital with a broken hip?

And yet, millions of Americans live with that fear every day.

Because they either have or are at risk of developing osteoporosis — that debilitating condition that weakens and thins your bones over time.

And if you're anywhere near the age of 55 or older, your risk of osteoporosis goes up every year.

Sure, that's frightening.

But while the facts and statistics point to the seriousness of osteoporosis, I've recently discovered you haven't been given the whole truth about this condition.

As a matter of fact, in plain terms, you've been lied to by those who would profit from your ignorance.

The huge, multimillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry (also known as Big Pharma) has actually created their own definition of osteoporosis simply to benefit their own financial interests.

Making it Up as They Go Along?

Big Pharma wants to make sure you buy their drugs that support their definition of osteoporosis.

Pretty wild, huh?

According to them, the media, and possibly even your own doctor, the one and only way to combat the debilitating effects of osteoporosis is with their expensive and side effect-loaded drugs.

Honestly, if you listen to them, there's no way your life story can ever have a happy ending without medication. You'll simply end up being old and hunched over, fearing the day you might break your hip.

So what does our resident medical editor, Dr. David Brownstein, say about Big Pharma's stories?

“Ludicrous, unnecessary, scare tactics!”

But he doesn't want to downplay the seriousness of osteoporosis either . . .

Statistics Tell a Serious Story

There's no question that osteoporosis is a very serious condition and shouldn't be treated lightly. Millions of people are affected one way or another by osteoporosis every day — and the numbers seem to be climbing.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that around 10 million Americans have osteoporosis right now. And out of those, 80 percent are women!

Not only that, over half of the people older than age 55 are at serious risk for developing osteoporosisand experiencing numerous fractures as they age.

While the statistics tell a grim story (and Big Pharma would like you to believe your only recourse is a life-long dependency on medication), Dr. Brownstein wants to tell you the real story.

The Truth Behind the Bare-Boned Lies

Big Pharma's purse strings are tied to perpetuating the myth that drugs, and only drugs, can reverse osteoporosis and reduce your risk for fractures.

Through his own investigating, Dr. Brownstein has found that the research simply doesn't support that. As a matter of fact, many of the so-called “osteoporosis-preventing” medications may actually create some of the problems associated with the disease.

But the big drug companies don't want you to know that bit of information — and they'll go to any lengths possible to make sure you don't find out.

In the latest issue of Dr. Brownstein's Natural Way to Health newsletter, he'll fill you in on some of Big Pharma's most subtle, yet insidious tactics to keep you in the dark — and keep big money in their pockets.

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“But Osteoporosis is Just Part of Getting Older”

To that Dr. Brownstein says, “No, no, no . . .”

That's what conventional medicine tells you, but it doesn't need to be your fate.

Sure, you're going to age, and your bones are going to change as you go through the process. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to develop osteoporosis.

And it certainly doesn't mean you have to start taking drugs to make sure you don't get the condition.

Dr. Brownstein lays out your alternatives to dangerous medications, and sheds light on Big Pharma's lies in his Natural Way to Health newsletter.

Just look at the kinds of eye-opening information he reveals in this month's issue, "Big Pharma's Big Lie About Osteoporosis and Aging":

  • How a simple "word trick" in Big Pharma's definition of osteoporosis puts huge amounts of money in their pockets . . .
  • Discover why drugs are not the only way to treat the real disease of osteoporosis . . .
  • The #1 Lie Big Pharma wants you to believe — and it can actually make your bones weaker . . .
  • The 3 building blocks for strong bones (a weakness in any one of these can increase your risk for fracture) . . .
  • How, in the screwy minds of Big Pharma, “normal” should be treated with expensive and potentially dangerous medications . . .
  • Guess who funded the research behind the World Health Organization statement about what's considered “normal” on a bone density test?
  • Discover the “yin and yang” of optimal bone health . . .
  • 9 factors that negatively impact your best bone health . . .
  • 4 popular drugs prescribed for osteoporosis that actually hinder the healthy function of bone-forming cells . . .
  • Make sure you're getting enough of this vitamin to boost your bone growth — and it's as easy as just stepping outside for a little sun . . .
  • What you're NOT being told about the reliability of bone density tests . . .
  • The BIG question Big Pharma doesn't want answered — because it could cost them big bucks . . .
  • 3 simple strategies for reducing your chances of developing osteoporosis . . .

These valuable pieces of information are just the beginning of what Dr. Brownstein wants to share with you about the funny business behind osteoporosis.

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The Biggest Fraud in Medicine:

Cholesterol Leads to Heart Disease

The biggest fraud in medicine today is the theory that elevated cholesterol levels are responsible for the No. 1 killer in the United States — heart disease. This issue is flawed! In this FREE special report Dr. Brownstein shows you why the development of heart disease is a complex process with multiple causes beyond elevated cholesterol levels.

Does cholesterol truly cause heart disease? Is all cholesterol bad for you? Should you avoid cholesterol in your diet? All of these questions are answered in this brand new special report. In addition you'll discover:

  • How the cholesterol = heart disease theory was fundamentally flawed from the beginning.
  • The underlying caucuses of heart disease are NOT elevated cholesterol levels but nutritional and hormonal imbalances.
  • The specific statin drugs that can be very dangerous and natural alternatives.
  • Statin drugs may lower cholesterol but do they improve your risk of heart attack?
  • How statistics are manipulated by drug companies in order to sell you on their ideas.
  • How drug trials are manipulated to get drugs to the market that often don't work—or make conditions worse for some patients.
  • Little known information on the drug Vytorin. If you are taking Vytorin you must read this report.
  • And, much, much more . . .

If you listen to the media, Big Pharma and most in conventional medicine, cholesterol is a terrible substance that clogs our arteries and eventually kills us. These groups would have you believe that you need to lower your cholesterol levels to the lowest possible number—that any amount is too high. They would have you believe that even healthy people should lower their cholesterol levels by taking medications for the rest of their lives.

Big Pharma has a vested interest in having everyone believe it is important to lower cholesterol levels. The market for its cholesterol-lowering medications is huge. In fact, if you believe that cholesterol is a bad substance that needs to be lowered by any possible means, then Big Pharma has succeeded in its marketing campaign—AND you need to read this special report now!

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Discover the little-known facts about such simple things as iodine and salt (the right kind of salt), grains and gluten, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and more. Discover how to easily shop for and prepare good meals, even make your family's favorite foods more nutritious!

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