The Biggest Fraud in Medicine Today — and
How You Can Avoid Becoming Its Next Victim . . .

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Dear Friend,

Before I reveal the information I have for you today, let me just preface it by reassuring you — if you've been hoodwinked, it's not your fault

You've had the wool pulled over your eyes since you were a child, and here's just one of the reasons why . . .

You've probably been taught to trust and respect doctors and other members of the medical community, such as scientists, researchers, and the like. After all, they should have your best health — and interests — at heart, right?

Well, what I'm about to tell you may challenge the fragile trust you have in current conventional medicine.

But before I get into that, I want to make sure you have some important facts at hand.

The No. 1 Killer in the United States Is . . .

Heart disease — and that includes both men and women.

I suppose this should come as no surprise to anyone. Heart disease has held the No. 1 spot on the CDC's list of deadly diseases for decades.

In fact, more than 64 million people live with some form of heart disease. And about one million people will die this year alone as a result of their condition.

It also should come as no surprise that cholesterol is considered the villain behind heart disease.

I mean, aren't you bombarded every day with television commercials about the dangers of high cholesterol — and what you must do to lower your own levels?

Of course you are . . .

From the guy bragging to everyone he meets about how he lowered his cholesterol by simply eating oatmeal every morning . . .

To all those slick cholesterol-lowering drug commercials — everything from Lipitor™ to Zocor™?

The idea of having high levels of cholesterol in your blood, which they say will lead to increased risk for a heart attack . . . Well, that's pretty scary business.

It's no wonder so many people practically line up to get a dose of cholesterol-lowering medication. After all, who wants to live with that kind of health threat looming over them?

Well, what if I told you that it is not only scary business but also . . .

The Big Business of High Cholesterol

More than 12 million people are on cholesterol medication right now in this country, according to recent estimates.

That's an enormous number of people.

And for the large pharmaceutical corporations — Big Pharma — those 12 million people translate into millions upon millions of dollars each and every year.

So you can see why Big Pharma wants to make sure you've bought into what our medical editor Dr. David Brownstein calls the "cholesterol = heart disease" theory.

He'll tell you flat out: Big Pharma has you right where they want you if you believe that cholesterol is an evil culprit that must be conquered and eliminated from your body at any cost.

Just look at his most recent issue of Natural Way to Health, "The Biggest Fraud in Medicine: Cholesterol Leads to Heart Disease."

In this issue, Dr. Brownstein digs deep into the history behind the "cholesterol = heart disease" theory . . . You'll see just how intrinsically flawed this theory has been since its inception — in the early years of the 20th century.

From Dr. Brownstein's opening paragraphs, you'll discover:

  • Which is more dangerous, a high cholesterol level — or the drugs used to treat it?
  • Two simple strategies to heal the injured walls of your arteries — and save yourself from a heart attack . . .
  • True or false — the lower your cholesterol, the longer you'll live? The answer isn't as simple as it seems . . .
  • The ridiculous scare tactics Big Pharma uses to persuade even healthy people to take drugs — whether you need them or not . . .
  • Six life-giving reasons you actually need cholesterol swimming through your arteries . . .
  • The sneaky numbers game Big Pharma plays to get you to buy their expensive drugs — how they manipulate the facts could cost you your health (and even your life) . . .
  • Three simple, safe, and natural ways to lower your risk of heart attack the pharmaceutical fat cats would rather you didn't know. . .

And loads more . . .

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