Eat Fat Again: See Why It's Good For You

Why Low-Fat Diets Are a Big Fat Lie

For the last six decades, mainstream medicine has declared war on dietary fat.

Fat has been vilified as the cause of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other chronic illnesses.

Doctors tell you to lower your fat intake — along with your cholesterol level — if you want to be healthy.

Well, we’ve decreased our dietary fat intake. But two-thirds of the American population is overweight. One-third is obese. And heart disease remains the leading killer in the United States.

Renowned holistic medical physician Dr. David Brownstein believes we’ve been brainwashed.

He says we’ve been fed a big fat lie by “the powers that be.” This includes nearly all doctors trained in conventional medicine. And organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Diabetic Association.

Dr. Brownstein says that, rather than being a dietary demon, fat is your friend — not your enemy.

Fat is a vital part of a healthy diet, and your best dietary source of energy.

Fat Is Necessary to Your Survival

Dr. Brownstein takes a completely opposite view from “the powers that be.” He warns that low-fat, high-carb diets are a root cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

That’s why he wrote The Skinny on Fats with nutritionist Sheryl Shenefelt. In this book, Dr. Brownstein will show you how adding more fats — good fats — into your diet will help you become healthier, happier, and even thinner.

Of course, not all fats are good fats.

Discover the Good, the Bad, and
the Ugly When It Comes to Fats

In The Skinny on Fats — a book you can get FREE with a special offer you’ll see ahead — you’ll see why the amount of fat you eat is less important than the types of fat you eat.

In this book, Dr. Brownstein offers you five simple steps to optimal health by eating good fats. He’ll show you which types of fats are healthy and which types you should avoid. Because, when it comes to fats, you’ll find the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

But first things first . . . WHO is Dr. Brownstein and WHY should you listen to him?

Well, David Brownstein, M.D., is a board-certified family physician, author, and guest lecturer.

He started out as most medical doctors do, with the conventional medical model. But he quickly realized its shortcomings. He found that his patients with allergies, arthritis, diabetes, digestive problems, heart disease, cancer, and many more health conditions were NOT getting well. The drugs he’d been trained to prescribe just weren’t working.

So he plunged full speed ahead into alternative medicine. And he began to use the best of both conventional and holistic therapies in his medical practice. Once he started using natural therapies, something wonderful happened. His patients got well and stayed well!

Dr. Brownstein is also an author of numerous health books and medical editor of the popular Newsmax newsletter Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.

Each month in his newsletter, he offers real solutions for preventing and curing diseases and achieving your very best health. You’ll see supplements that work, and what you should and shouldn’t eat. He also shares the real dangers of the most widely prescribed drugs.

Take statins, for example . . .

As Dr. Brownstein explains in The Skinny on Fats, statins have become the most commonly prescribed drugs in America. Yet they’ve never been proven to lower your risk of a heart attack by more than 1%. Really — that’s it (and that’s only if you’ve already had a stroke or heart attack).

Doctors prescribe statins to lower your cholesterol. But here’s the kicker:

High Cholesterol Does NOT
Cause Heart Disease

Cholesterol is actually a protective substance for your body. You need it to make hormones, repair damaged cells, maintain cell membranes, and protect you from free radical damage.

And cholesterol levels are irrelevant when it comes to assessing your risk for heart disease. Research shows that 50% of all heart attacks in the U.S. occur in those with low cholesterol levels.

What you’ll see in The Skinny on Fats — something very few people know — is that low cholesterol is what you should really be worried about. That’s because research links low cholesterol to increased risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, strokes, and cancer.

In your FREE copy of this eye-opening book, you’ll also discover:

  • How research does not support a connection between saturated fats and heart disease (see why saturated fats do NOT clog arteries) . . .
  • Secrets to using delicious tropical coconut oil for weight loss . . .
  • The little-known link between low-fat diets and infertility — even birth defects . . .
  • How eating too little fat will lower your metabolism, making you prone to storing even more fat . . .
  • The truth about so-called “heart-healthy” refined oils like canola and others (warning: they can cause an inflammatory process associated with many chronic illnesses, including cancer and heart disease) . . .
  • The difference between grass-fed and grain-fed meat — and why it matters to your health . . .
  • How low-fat diets contribute to fatigue, depression, and other behavioral and psychological problems . . .
  • How to easily eliminate specific fats in your diet that create free radicals and contribute to premature aging . . .
  • Why it’s time you started enjoying healthful saturated fats like butter, meat, dairy, and eggs again (See how you need them for optimal brain function) . . .
  • How trans fats found in margarine, processed foods, and many baked goods are toxic to your body’s cell membranes . . .
  • An easy-to-understand guide to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — and how they both affect your health . . .
  • Nine common sources of bad fats you should avoid . . .
  • How to cook with and store fats (important considerations for both safety and health) . . .
  • Why a lack of fat in your diet can lead to problems with your critical hormones . . .
  • Plus much, much more . . .

In fact, in The Skinny on Fats, you’ll even get delicious recipes utilizing healthy fats.

Start your day with cinnamon waffles topped with honey coconut butter spread. Or enjoy a dinner of healthful juicy hamburgers, coconut green beans, and nutty fruit cobbler for dessert.

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