The Disgusting Truth About Those Artificial Sweetners

Renowned Physician Warns . . .

What You Don’t Know About
Artificial Sweeteners Can Make
You and Your Family Sick (and Fat) . . .

Dear Friend,

One of our staff members returned recently from a family visit, worried about the health of her two older sisters.

Both sisters are retired and somewhat overweight. One has Type 2 diabetes. And both drink a six-pack of a popular diet soda every day. They believe this will satisfy their need for sweets and help them avoid gaining weight.

Should this be cause for concern?

Yes , according to prominent holistic medical physician Dr. David Brownstein.

In fact, Dr. Brownstein is so concerned about this issue, he wants to make sure you know . . .

Artificial Sweeteners Are Neither
Healthy Nor Safe — and
Don’t Prevent Weight Gain, Either

As Dr. Brownstein will tell you, Americans consume more artificial sweeteners than anyone else on the planet. Yet we have more diabetes, obesity, and obesity-related health issues than any other nation.

Dr. Brownstein and other experts believe that a large part of the obesity problem we face is due to artificial sweeteners.

Manufacturers of these products want you to believe they prevent obesity and diabetes. And you are now exposed to them in numerous beverages and foods, from diet soda to yogurt. You’ll find them on hand to sweeten your coffee, too.

But obesity is not the worst of it . . . According to an NBC News report, researchers found that women who drank over two diet sodas a day were 30% more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event. Plus, an astounding 50% were more likely to die compared to women who rarely ingested these drinks.

Because of these dangers, we want to give you a Sweetener Safety Survival Kit containing three of Dr. Brownstein’s informative Special Reports. This entire Kit is FREE to you. Just cover a small shipping charge of $2.99.

Here’s what you’ll find in your Kit:

SPECIAL REPORT #1: Artificial Sweeteners Will Destroy Your Health

As the title of this first report suggests, Dr. Brownstein considers artificial sweeteners — such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin — destructive to your health. In your report, you’ll discover the link between all three chemical sweeteners and serious health problems. You’ll also learn about safer ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

And according to Dr. Brownstein . . .

Government ‘Authorities’ Like the FDA
Are NOT Looking Out for You

Artificial sweeteners should be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for your safety. But as you’ll see in your FREE report, if the FDA truly had public safety in mind, they would have banned them long ago.

You’ll see how aspartame raised serious health concerns almost from the beginning.

The safety tests manufacturer Searle conducted on this artificial sweetener were questionable. A grand jury investigation was set to open to determine if data from the aspartame studies had been fabricated. But then, U.S. attorney in charge Samuel Skinner left the Justice Department to join a law firm representing Searle. And lo and behold, the grand jury was never convened.

Because initial studies indicated that aspartame could speed up the growth of brain tumors, approval was withheld. But in 1981, the new FDA commissioner, Arthur Hayes, granted approval for aspartame. And shortly thereafter, he left the FDA for a cushy job with — you guessed it — a Searle-related agency.

In your FREE report Artificial Sweeteners Will Destroy Your Health, you’ll discover:

  • How 84 of 92 independently funded studies on aspartame have identified adverse health effects (while industry-funded studies repeatedly declare that aspartame is safe) . . .
  • The 8 good options you do have for healthy unrefined sugars . . .
  • Why the sweetener in that “little pink package” — made from coal tar — has amassed profits for corporate giants like Monsanto at the expense of your health . . .
  • How sucralose alters DNA, causes migraines and seizures, elevates blood sugar and insulin, and leads to weight gain . . .
  • How aspartame or sucralose could expose you to toxic substances such as formaldehyde or dioxin-like compounds . . .
  • Why artificial sweeteners disrupt your body’s energy production process . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

This leads me to your second FREE Special Report from Dr. Brownstein:

SPECIAL REPORT #2: Soft Drinks Are Sweetly Destroying Your Body

In this report, Dr. Brownstein delves deeper into the dangers of artificial sweeteners. You’ll see how aspartame is particularly toxic for diabetics, because it disrupts the body’s normal response to glucose. In fact, it does the exact opposite of what diabetics need when it comes to their blood sugar.

You’ll also discover how aspartame contains substances considered “excitotoxins,” chemicals that cause brain cells to become hyperactive or “excitable.” Excitotoxins are linked to serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

But these fake sugars are not the only problem when it comes to sweetening your foods . . .

Soft Drinks Loaded With High Fructose Corn
Syrup Fuel Our Country’s Obesity Problem

An estimated 65% of Americans are overweight. More than 1/3 are clinically obese. And the last 40 years have seen a parallel increase in soft drink intake and obesity.

Here’s an astounding fact: The average consumption of sweetened soft drinks is now 12 ounces per person per day. And most soft drinks (and many juices, jellies, canned fruits, cereals, and even baked goods) are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Manufacturers use HFCS because it’s sweeter and costs less to manufacture. So they don’t care that ingesting HFCS leads to reduction in your appetite control hormones, resulting in an unrestrained appetite.

Plus, your body simply does not have the capability to convert HFCS into usable energy. And to make matters worse, soft drinks have been linked to diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and many types of cancer.

You’ll read much more detailed information about the dangers of HFCS in your second free report: Soft Drinks Are Sweetly Destroying Your Body.

Plus, you’ll also discover:

  • How HFCS exposes you to mercury toxicity . . .
  • The dangers of bromine, another substance found in many soft drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks . . .
  • How to get this excess bromine out of your system safely . . .
  • Why sucralose is no better than aspartame when it comes to potential health hazards . . .
  • The form of honey that actually aids your digestion . . .
  • Why stevia is a better sweetener when it comes to your health . . .
  • And much more . . .

The third FREE report in your Sweetener Safety Survival Kit picks up where the first two left off.

SPECIAL REPORT #3: The Sweetener That Wrecks Your Health

In this report, you’ll see that originally, fructose was thought to be a healthier alternative to sucrose (table sugar). Since it has a lower glycemic index, it does not elevate blood sugar excessively. However, this does not make it an ideal — or healthy — sweetener.

In recent years, experts have changed their views about fructose, particularly fructose corn syrup. In your report, you’ll discover how fructose harms your body.

Plus, you’ll see why Dr. Brownstein says it’s nearly impossible to lose weight without identifying and eliminating sources of HFCS — particularly soft drinks.

In your special report The Sweetener That Wrecks Your Health, you’ll also find:

  • The little-known link between HFCS and heart disease (our leading killer) . . .
  • What fructose does in the brain to make you want to eat more food . . .
  • The “cherry” cure for gout (warning: consuming HFCS can lead to gout) . . .
  • How HFCS can damage your liver and cause diabetes . . .
  • 5 tips to avoid high fructose corn syrup in your diet . . .
  • And more . . .

After reading the information in these valuable reports, you’ll know more about sweeteners than 99% of the population. This will help you better protect yourself and your family.

To recap, we’ve reserved a Sweetener Safety Survival Kit for you. It contains three valuable special reports to help you avoid these dangerous sweeteners. And it’s not all bad news. You’ll also find healthy yet tasty sweet alternatives in these informative reports:

Each report is a $9.95 value. But again, all three reports are FREE. We only ask that you cover the nominal $2.99 shipping fee. Just click on the Big Orange Button below to claim your own Sweetener Safety Survival Kit.

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