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Why Animals Don’t
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It’s true . . .

Most animals don’t suffer from heart attacks like we do. That’s weird, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve heard that heart disease is our country’s No. 1 "human-killer." In fact, it’s held that title for many years.

But why?

When medicine has made such advancements in the treatment of countless other diseases, why do 8.7 million American adults — one in three — still have cardiovascular disease?

You probably think people get heart disease because of:

  • High cholesterol from eating too much bad fat
  • A family history of heart problems
  • A long-term smoking habit
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes or obesity
  • Lack of exercise

And you’d be half-right. Frequently, people with heart disease do have some of the issues listed above.

Even so, I question why heart disease is still so doggone rampant.

Especially when there’s no shortage of drugs on the market to lower your cholesterol. After all, Big Pharma does everything they can to get your doctor to write you a prescription for those cholesterol-lowering statin drugs . . .

So why aren’t these medications helping?

The fact that our animal friends so very rarely develop heart disease, while we do at an alarming rate, is much more significant than an item of mere curiosity.

Actually, it begs the question . . .

Is Mainstream Medicine Barking Up the Wrong
Tree When it Comes to Heart Disease?

The true cause of heart disease may not be any of those factors I listed previously, including the infamous villain cholesterol.

Mainstream medicine continues to promote toxic drugs to lower cholesterol levels — even though these medications have never been shown to prolong life.

According to our Newsmax medical editor Dr. David Brownstein, the true cause of heart disease may be something you’ve never, ever considered . . .

Actually, it may be related directly to an illness mostly ignored today, one that once was a big part of seafaring lore.

Long ago, when sailors headed out to sea for months or years at a time, they would run out of fresh fruits and vegetables long before their voyage ended.

These seafarers developed a number of different severe symptoms. And many eventually died — from what was called scurvy.

It was discovered later that a basic vitamin C deficiency led to their illness and demise.

Dr. Brownstein warns us that a scurvy-like condition is still around today — affecting the health of millions of Americans. Maybe even you.

And here’s the shocker . . .

This Scurvy-Like Vitamin C Deficiency Could
Be the Real Cause of Heart Disease

We’ve all been taught that the No. 1 culprit in the heart disease war is high cholesterol.

However, in this issue of Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health — "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally" — he makes it his mission to clear up the misconceptions about cholesterol . . . And reveal the true cause of heart disease.

As you’ll read, our country’s RDA for vitamin C may be high enough to prevent true scurvy. However, Dr. Brownstein will tell you it’s woefully inadequate to prevent many illnesses, including heart disease.

And that’s where the animals fit into the picture.

You see . . .

Most Animals Can Produce Their Own Vitamin C

They don’t need to obtain it through their diet.

On the other hand, we humans lack an enzyme to make our own vitamin C. And with our poor diets, Dr. Brownstein feels most of us are, in fact, deficient in this all-important vitamin.

Since they can produce it internally, most animals are not prone to low vitamin C levels. And they aren’t prone to heart attacks, either. That seeming "coincidence" — and the link between vitamin C and heart disease — has been known to science for quite some time. Yet it has been vastly ignored.

In "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally," you’ll hear about two scientists who pioneered work in the field of vitamin C research: Dr. Mathias Rath and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling.

You’ll hear how high cholesterol is not really the cause of heart disease — it’s actually a symptom (and your body’s solution to help heal lesions of your heart arteries).

But that’s just the beginning . . .

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This is just a smattering of the valuable information Dr. Brownstein shares with you in this revealing report about the epidemic vitamin C deficiency affecting literally millions of Americans — perhaps even you.

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