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Free Report
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The cause of heart disease was discovered in 1987, but the pharmaceutical industry suppressed this life-saving information.

Today, you'll learn what the cause is, and how to prevent it easily. But first you might want to know why this important information was kept from the public.

Sadly, it's because the drug companies couldn't patent a natural solution, but could make billions on cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins). Even though . . .

Cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease. And taking statins won't prevent heart disease or heart attacks. And the proof of that is in the drug-companies own research . . .

In the ASCOT-LLA study that was used to promote Lipitor, 3 percent of the control group sustained heart attacks, while 2 percent of the Lipitor group did. The actual risk reduction was one percentage point, but Pfizer manipulated the math to report a 34 percent reduction.

Drug sales skyrocketed on this news, but do you see Pfizer's trick? The 2 percent figure is 34 percent less than 3 percent. If it had reported a one point reduction, Lipitor rightly would have been deemed a failure.

Also consider the JUPITOR study for Crestor. AstraZeneca used the same bad math to claim a 50 percent risk reduction, when the actual reduction was just 0.41 percent — essentially worthless!

Do you really want to hope you're the lucky "one in 200" who might benefit, while risking bad side effects like muscle destruction, headache, fatigue, irritability, memory loss, reduced sex drive, a weakened heart and increased risk for cancer?

Remember, when statin drugs lower cholesterol, they inhibit vitamin D production, which is important for cancer prevention. They also lower CoQ10, which is essential for heart health.

Here's a better approach to heart disease prevention, and unlike statin drugs, this one actually works . . .

How to Really Prevent Heart Disease

To prevent, stop, and reverse heart disease, all you need are three natural nutrients and the correct hormonal balance. This is both easy and inexpensive to do, and you'll see how just ahead.

Dr. BrownsteinHi, I'm Dr. David Brownstein, editor of Newsmax's monthly health newsletter, Natural Way to Health.

Dr. Brownstein

I'm writing today to warn you off of harmful cholesterol-lowering drugs and to share the excellent results I've been getting with my heart patients in my medical practice in West Bloomfield, Mich.

My approach is based on groundbreaking research that Dr. Anton Matthias did 20 years ago — research that the drug companies buried so they could sell their expensive (but worthless) statin drugs.

Because this is literally life-saving information, I want you to have a FREE copy of my report, "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally" which you can download in just a moment.

But first, let's see what really causes heart disease. And how to prevent it "naturally" without making any drastic changes in your diet.

What Causes Heart Disease?

The real cause of heart disease is a deficiency in vitamin C, combined with a shortage of two very important amino acids. Plus, one more thing . . .

People with heart disease almost always are found to be deficient in two hormones, as levels of these hormones decline naturally with age in both men and women.

Interestingly, this specific combination of nutritional and hormonal deficiencies occurs in large numbers in American society. And that has made heart disease the No. 1 killer for decades.

True, Americans generally eat a higher-fat diet, and this is one factor (as you'll see in a moment), but you can prevent heart disease regardless of diet with the three key nutrients and the proper hormone levels!

The good news is that you can supplement the three nutrients easily for about 50 cents a day. And if necessary, you can get natural hormone replacement to bring your hormones up to optimal levels.

Everything you need to know is in my report, "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally!" And you can download a FREE copy today.

But first, let's see what heart disease is and how it gets started. I think you'll be surprised . . .

How Heart Disease Gets Started

Atherosclerosis, or clogging of arteries, is an inflammatory response to arterial wall injury. These injuries occur with stress, or high blood pressure, or just age. And they usually happen at the bends (exactly where the plumbing in your home gets clogged up).

Fibrin (the sticky agent in your blood that makes clotting possible), a fatty protein molecule, and cholesterol are active at the inflamed site to heal the tissue there. But because of hormonal and nutrient deficiencies, these substances combine, stick, and form a plaque.

As the plaque builds up and hardens over time, it reduces blood flow. If a piece breaks off, it can travel to the heart, causing a heart attack, or to the brain, causing a stroke.

The problem is not cholesterol. Cholesterol is vitally important to the healing process, as well as to your cellular health, energy production, nervous system health, brain function, sex drive, and to the important work vitamin D does in your body (cancer prevention, for one).

Reducing the amount of fat in your diet will help. But the real problem — the forming of the plaque — results from nutrient and hormonal deficiencies that allow a fatty protein in the blood to become elevated (more on this just ahead).

How to Prevent Plaque From Forming

When you correct the nutrient deficiency and hormonal imbalance, the fat, cholesterol, and fibrin won't stick and form a plaque. Instead, they will do what they're supposed to do: Heal the tissue at the injured site.

Yes! It's that easy to prevent heart disease. You don't need harmful drugs or drastic changes in your diet. Just get your FREE copy of "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally," which is inside this issue of Natural Way to Health.

We'll get back to the cause and cure of heart disease in two heartbeats, but first I'd like you to know that my popular monthly health newsletter . . .

  • Exposes the hidden dangers in common foods and medicines . . .
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Just ahead you'll see how to get 12 monthly issues of Natural Way To Health for just pennies a day, along with a FREE copy of "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally" — plus FREE access to all of my past issues, including two recent ones that debunk Big Pharma's cholesterol myth.

If you're a heart patient taking statin drugs, know a family member who is, or just want to prevent heart disease, you'll want to read all of these reports. But before you download them, let me show you the ground-breaking heart research of a true hero, Dr. Matthias Rath . . .

Cause of Heart Disease Discovered in 1987

When Dr. Rath was in his last year of medical school, his father died of a heart attack. He decided right then to devote his career to finding the cause of heart disease.

Years of hard work paid off. In 1987, he made a brilliant discovery: elevated levels of lipoprotein(a) causes cholesterol to stick to arterial walls. Lipoprotein(a) is the combination of an LDL-like fat molecule bound with the protein apo.

Dr. Rath found it wasn't the amount of cholesterol in the blood that was a problem, but rather the amount of lipoprotein(a).

Dr. Rath had observed that the majority of animals do not get heart disease, nor do they die of heart attacks. He also noted that most animals make vitamin C, while humans do not. Plus, most animals do not have lipoprotein(a), while humans do. And most people with heart disease have elevated levels of lipoprotein(a).

See any clues here? Dr. Rath did. And he decided to do a study with guinea pigs, one of the few animals that, like humans, do not make vitamin C.

He gave the control group a typical diet that might correlate with a human diet, including the equivalent recommended daily amount of vitamin C. He gave the test group the same diet, with a significantly larger dose of vitamin C.

Can you guess what happened? The controls with low vitamin C developed elevated levels of lipoprotein(a) and heart disease. Those with high vitamin C maintained much lower levels of lipoprotein(a) and did not get heart disease.

How Arterial Plaque Is Formed

High lipoprotein(a), combined with insufficient vitamin C, causes cholesterol to stick to arterial walls. But if sufficient vitamin C is present, this "sticking process" does not occur.

And there it was! Dr. Rath had discovered the genesis of heart disease, as well as how to prevent it. Then, in further research, he discovered 2 amino acids that work in concert with vitamin C to maintain healthy arteries with no plaque build-up.

And now in your FREE report, "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally," you'll find out what those two amino acids are, and also at what levels the three nutrients effectively stop plaque from forming.

You'll also learn why so many Americans are deficient in these nutrients, and how this condition, when combined with a fatty diet, leads to the highest rate of heart disease — and death by heart attack — in the world.

Incidentally, taking 500 or 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day is not enough when you have elevated lipoprotein(a). And of course, you'll need those amino acids in sufficient strength, too.

The good news is that this trio of nutrients — vitamin C and the 2 amino acids — not only brings lipoprotein(a) levels down but also forms a protective layer around the remaining lipoprotein(a) cells, preventing them from binding with cholesterol and sticking to your arterial walls.

Problem solved!

You Can Get This Real Remedy Today

You can now get this remedy and actually stop, prevent, and even reverse heart disease. Just download my report and you'll have the effective natural remedy.

I always test my patients for lipoprotein(a) and when they show elevated levels — or if they already have heart disease — I put them on therapeutic dosages of vitamin C and the 2 amino acids. In fact, I use Dr. Rath's formulations.

With this therapy, their lipoprotein(a) levels usually come down by 50% or more. The formation of plaque is effectively thwarted. And heart disease is stopped.

You'll see what Dr. Rath recommends in your FREE copy of "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally" . . .

With this knowledge, you can go to your local nutrition store and buy the vitamin C and amino acids in sufficient strength.

Or, if you prefer, you can increase your intake of the specific foods that are high in vitamin C and the two amino acids, while reducing fat in your diet. The choice is yours.

Be Sure to Check Your Hormones

What about the fourth item? Your hormones? Yes, they're important to the prevention of heart disease, too.

And in your FREE copy of "Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally" you'll discover the "two hormones" that are found to be low in virtually all heart disease patients.

This important finding — that these two hormones are always low in heart disease patients — has a long history in our medical literature, and yet next to nothing is taught about it in medical school.

But now you know. And you can get tested. If you're low on these hormones, you can bring them up with natural hormone replacement therapy. In addition to preventing heart disease, you'll give yourself more energy, healthier skin and hair, improved sex drive, and many anti-aging benefits.

But here's the really big payoff. If you . . .

  • Bring your hormones up to optimal levels . . .
  • Take vitamin C and 2 amino acids in sufficient strength . . .
  • And don't overeat fatty foods . . .

You can kiss heart disease goodbye forever! And you can also say goodbye to unnecessary drugs and their harmful side effects. Sound like a good plan? Download your FREE report and get all this . . .

"Stop Heart Disease In Its Tracks, Naturally"

  • The link between insufficient vitamin C and heart disease!
  • Why statin drugs can't prevent heart disease or attacks!
  • Why cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease and when higher levels are perfectly normal.
  • The two amino acids essential for arterial health and healing!
  • The two hormones that, when low, increase your risk of heart disease (most people over 40 are deficient)!

Also in Your FREE Report . . .

  • The dramatic research that disproved the cholesterol theory!
  • Why high blood levels of lipoprotein(a) require higher levels of vitamin C!
  • Why the recommended daily dose of vitamin C is way too low for most people.
  • How fibrin, lipids, and cholesterol form plaque at the site of arterial inflammation, and how to stop it!
  • How you can prevent, stop, and even reverse heart disease naturally, inexpensively, and safely!

You can get your FREE report right now. No need to suffer bad side effects from statin drugs that do nothing to prevent heart disease or heart attacks. You can discover the real cause of heart disease and its simple and natural solution.

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To Your Lasting Health,

Dr. David Brownstein

Dr. David Brownstein

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