Are Cholesterol-Lowering
Statin Drugs
Wrecking Your Heart?

Studies show statin drugs are near worthless
when it comes to reducing heart disease,
but they will cause bodily harm!

Over the past 30 years, we’ve all been brainwashed to believe that elevated levels of cholesterol cause heart disease, and that taking a statin drug reduces your risk.

NOT TRUE, says America’s most popular family physician — Dr. David Brownstein.

Dr. Brownstein says that cholesterol-lowering drugs, called statins, do nothing to protect you from heart disease or heart attacks. But with regular use they can . . .

  1. Weaken your heart
  2. Weaken your muscles
  3. Disrupt your hormone production
  4. Cause fatigue and reduced sex drive

And also put you at risk for brain disorders, including brain fog, memory loss, even dementia and ALS.

That’s not all — they can also cause kidney and liver problems. That’s a lot of harm, for literally NO GOOD, as you’ll see from the studies just ahead.

What Your Doctor Never Told You
About Statin Drugs . . .

Dr. Brownstein says Big Pharma’s claim that everybody with a total cholesterol reading over 200 — and more recently 180 — needs a statin drug is the biggest fraud perpetrated on the public in medical history.

Big Pharma has sustained a very successful 30-year propaganda campaign — starting with brainwashing doctors in medical school — to create an avid market for what’s become the biggest selling, most profitable drug in history.

But Dr. Brownstein says cholesterol is essential to your health, that your body makes it, and that you’d die without it.

In fact, cholesterol is vital to every cell in your body. It’s the glue that holds your cells together. And that’s not all . . .

Cholesterol is the primary organic molecule in your brain. It forms a protective layer around your nerve cells.

It’s the precursor to your adrenal and sex hormones. It’s necessary for Vitamin D production, as well as for absorption of essential fats and minerals.

Think about this logically. Why would your body make something that’s harmful to it?

Dr. Brownstein says, “It wouldn’t and only a tiny fraction of the population with a rare disease that overproduces cholesterol — with readings around 500 — needs statin drugs.

Here’s more common sense — fully half of all people who die of heart attacks and strokes have cholesterol readings in the so-called normal range.

If high cholesterol causes clogged arteries, why are so many people with readings of 140, 150, and 170 dying of heart attacks?

What’s more . . . researchers from the Drexel University of Public Health reported that the annual number of people hospitalized for heart failure jumped more than 230 percent from 1980 to 2006.

Why the big jump? Dr. Brownstein gives us two reasons . . .

First, this is exactly the period of time that saw the introduction of and steady rise in the use of statin drugs.

Second, this period also coincides with a big increase in the consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrate foods, the real cause of heart disease, especially when combined with hormonal imbalances and food, water, and environmental toxins.

Dr. Brownstein wrote a detailed report on this subject, entitled Are Statins Wrecking Your Heart? He’s got proof that they are . . . and you can receive a FREE copy, simply by covering the $1.97 processing fee.

Statin Drugs Have a Dirty
Little Secret . . .

Most of your cholesterol is made in your liver. And the statin drug works by poisoning a natural enzyme in your liver that facilitates cholesterol production.

But this same enzyme also helps your body make the vitamin-like substance CoQ10. And CoQ10 is vital to the energy your heart needs to pump blood.

CoQ10 is also essential to the energy generated by the mitochondria in your cells. That’s literally your energy factory — for your heart and your whole body. And statin drugs are poisoning the enzyme that helps make it!

The fact is . . . cholesterol is vitally important to the health of your muscles, your brain, your adrenal glands and your liver and kidneys.

That’s why people taking statin drugs suffer fatigue, feel lousy, lose their sex drive, and don’t think as clearly.

Do you still think you should take a statin drug? Consider this fact your doctor, the media, and Big Pharma won’t tell you . . .

In a large study of 17,791 heart disease patients, researchers found an inverse relationship between cholesterol levels and death.

The lower the cholesterol level the greater the incidence of death. Exactly the opposite of what you’ve been led to believe.

But how did we get this so wrong? Why have we been told a lie about cholesterol and urged to take a drug we don’t need?

It started with the popular doctor made famous for creating WWII K-Rations — Dr. Ancel Keys. He postulated that a high fat, high cholesterol diet caused heart disease, and he undertook a 22-country study to prove it.

Just one problem — Dr. Keys let his ego get in the way of the facts.

When his results didn’t fit his thesis, he narrowed the study to just 7 countries that did — England, Canada, US, Australia, Italy, Japan, and convenient to Key’s thesis, Wales, which he counted as a separate country, even though it’s part of the UK.

Italy and Japan ate more fish and had little heart disease. England, Wales, and the U.S. ate more fatty meats and had more heart disease. He got the conclusion he wanted by cherry picking the stats.

Unfortunately, his theory rapidly gained traction with the medical industry and was endorsed by the U.S. government.

But later when researchers went back to look at Key’s original work on 22 countries, his thesis completely fell apart.

Many countries with high fat diets had no problems with heart disease. And as we know today, it wasn’t the fat in the diet causing heart disease, but rather the sugar and refined carbohydrates, as well as inflammatory oils used in processed foods. And all of this is ubiquitous in the Standard American Diet.

Regardless, with the medical establishment and many governments accepting Keys conclusions, Big Pharma set to work creating a cholesterol-lowering drug.

Once they succeeded, it was off to the races with the most successful mass marketing campaign in history.

Today, you’d be hard pressed to find an adult over 35 who doesn’t know his cholesterol number, or any adult with a cholesterol reading over 200 who isn’t taking a statin drug or hasn’t been told to take one.

But here’s the biggest nail in coffin of the cholesterol-cause heart disease theory . . .

In a large study of a major statin drug, the ASCOT-LLA study, which is the one that got statin sales soaring, the drug company reported a 36% reduction in heart attacks.

That’s a huge improvement, right? No. According to Dr. Brownstein, the drug company reported the relative reduction, not the actual reduction.

Here’s what happened . . . 2 people out of 100 had a heart attack while taking the statin drug, and 3 people had a heart attack with the placebo. The real reduction was 1%, and this was over 3.3 years.

But when tabulated over an 11-year follow-up, the relative reduction in mortality dropped to just 14% for all reasons and no benefit at all for cardiovascular events. To be clear — no benefit at all for the heart!

And look at this . . .

A major study of the other big-selling statin drug showed an absolute risk reduction of a tiny .41 of a percent — a meaningless result, but the drug company reported a relative risk reduction of 50%. Sadly, the FDA let them get away with this gross distortion.

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