Dear Reader,

Have you ever been outside during a lightning strike?

If so, you know how scary it is to be anywhere near this powerful force of Mother Nature.

And if you survived with nothing more than a rush of adrenaline, you probably remember the accompanying pungent, sweet smell of ozone. This odor is so distinctive that the term ozone is actually derived from the Greek word “ozein,” which means “to smell.”

Lightning produces ozone through the electrical excitation of oxygen molecules.

You’re probably aware that the oxygen you breathe (O2) contains only two oxygen atoms.

But in the presence of an electrical charge, oxygen converts to ozone, which consists of three atoms of oxygen (O3).

Ozone is produced naturally in the environment. And high up in the stratosphere, ozone helps protect the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

And medical therapy with ozone — this enhanced oxygen — can actually improve many health issues.

So Why Haven’t You Heard About
Medical Ozone Therapy?

Scientists have studied ozone since the 1700s.

Ozone is used today in many water treatment plants around the world to kill pathogens and reduce the levels of metals and harmful chemicals.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its benefits.

According to Dr. David Brownstein, medical ozone therapy can improve and even cure many difficult-to-treat conditions.

In fact, David Brownstein, M.D., considers ozone to be one of the most powerful healing therapies in existence. That’s why he uses it in his Michigan holistic medical clinic.

And in case you aren’t familiar with him, Dr. Brownstein is one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine in the United States. He frequently lectures to physicians and the public about his success using natural therapies.

When it comes to ozone therapy, Dr. Brownstein knows you may be wondering — how is it possible for something so effective to remain such a secret?

Well, given that a gas cannot be patented, ozone wouldn’t be a lucrative money-maker for Big Pharma.

Therefore, it gets very little publicity in mainstream medicine. Most conventional American doctors have been taught little, if anything, about ozone therapy.

Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to the Truth
About the Ozone Miracle

Interest in the benefits of ozone is finally accelerating.

And in many other countries (including Germany, Canada, England, Italy, Cuba, and Russia), ozone therapy is already used as a first-line medical treatment.

Still, since so few Americans understand the power of using this enhanced oxygen to heal numerous medical conditions, Dr. Brownstein has compiled everything he knows into his new book Ozone: The Miracle Therapy.

And he wants to make sure you’re able to benefit from this breakthrough therapy. So he’s paved the way for you to receive a complimentary copy of his hot-off-the-press book.

It’s true . . .

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How Does Ozone Treatment Work?

As Dr. Brownstein will share with you in his book, ozone therapy makes an excellent replacement for many medical therapies and an adjunctive treatment with others.

Ozone can be injected into the joint, muscle, or disc, or applied to the surface of the skin for wounds. In some cases, ozone is inhaled or used orally for dental issues.

It can also be mixed with a patient’s own blood and injected back into the patient (a process known as MAH or major autohemotherapy). Other practitioners may infuse the gas into the ear, bladder, or other areas, depending on the condition.

So now you’ve seen the conditions it treats. But how does it work its magic?

Well, here is what medical ozone treatment does inside your body:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves oxygen delivery to cells and tissues
  • Stimulates and supports the immune system
  • Modulates runaway inflammation
  • Stimulates the production and utilization of healthful antioxidants
  • Enhances cell metabolism to stimulate energy production in the body
  • Makes a potent analgesic (pain killer)
  • Regenerates cartilage in arthritic joints
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and yeast

Hearing about all this science may be confusing. Fortunately, Dr. Brownstein has made it simple for you with his plain-English explanations — and by including over 30 interesting case studies in Ozone: The Miracle Therapy.

Here’s an excerpt from just one of them:

“All the Pain Is Gone . . . This Is Unbelievable”

Fran was a 72-year-old woman who sought treatment from Dr. Brownstein for severe pain in her knee due to osteoarthritis.

She’d suffered with this pain for three years and her orthopedist had recommended total knee replacement. Fran was reluctant to do this and sought a consult with Dr. Brownstein.

In the first photo, you can see that the joint had degenerated to the point doctors call “bone on bone.” Dr. Brownstein noted a lot of grinding in Fran’s joint when he examined it.

After telling Fran about the success he’d had with other arthritis cases, Dr. Brownstein recommended she undergo six weekly ozone injections.

However, after the third injection, Fran returned and told him, “I don’t think I need another one. All the pain is gone. It had been going away with each shot, but the last one took it all away. This is unbelievable.”

Dr. Brownstein also noted that the grinding was gone upon re-examination. A post-ozone injection X-ray shows that the joint area which was previously “bone on bone” now demonstrates more space as the cartilage has started to grow back.

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‘Ozone: The Miracle Therapy’ Now!

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Dr. Brownstein’s 208-page book is jam-packed with the details on the medical use of ozone. From new developments in treating cancer to holistic dentistry for root canals, you’ll see how ozone can help dozens of health issues.

Here are just a few more things you’ll discover in your FREE book:

  • How to find a practitioner of ozone therapy in your area — Leap ahead to page 205
  • Post-cancer fatigue? Find hope on page 176
  • Diabetic godsend? Discover how ozone treats wounds with an odd-sounding process called “limb bagging” — On pages 60-61
  • How our nation’s injured veterans may benefit from ozone treatment — Hop to page 115
  • Have a pool or hot tub? Discover why you should use ozone rather than chlorine to sanitize the water — Head to page 24
  • Migraine sufferers find help with ozone and a nutritional approach — On pages 181-182
  • See how ozone can also be used to help pets with conditions such as arthritis — Go to page 70
  • Ozone treatment may help solve the crisis of dangerous antibiotic-resistant microorganisms such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) — See page 199
  • How ozone exerts a balancing effect inside the body to correct oxidant/antioxidant imbalances — Pages 50-51
  • Another outbreak of Ebola just struck the Congo. See how ozone therapy may help people survive the world’s most lethal infection —Head to page 10
  • And much, much more . . .

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