Get your FREE Healthy Prostate Information Kit from renowned holistic health expert Dr. David Brownstein with a subscription of his newsletter, Natural Way to Health. Each issue is loaded cover to cover with not only the most recent insights on emerging natural therapies but also the best of safe conventional medical care.

This Healthy Prostate Information Kit gives you practical tools and simple strategies to prevent and reverse prostate enlargement, inflammation, even all-too-common prostate cancer.

#1 Bonus: Special Report: Essential Guide for
Good Prostate Health
(A $15 value — FREE!)

While vital to normal sexual functioning, prostate gland health is ignored by most men until problems occur. In this report, Dr. Brownstein discusses the most common issues men have with their prostate, including enlargement and swelling (benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH), infection of the prostate (prostatitis), and prostate cancer. Get simple tips to prevent and treat these uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous conditions.

#2 Bonus: Special Report: 6 Steps to Prevent Prostate Cancer (A $15 value — FREE!)

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among American men. And unfortunately, in men over 75, it is the most common cause of cancer-related death. In this report, discover the six key steps to keep your prostate (and libido) healthy, help it heal from existing problems, and prevent the inflammation that may be a precursor to prostate cancer and other diseases.

#3 Bonus: Special Report: Iodine, the Most Misunderstood Nutrient (A $15 value — FREE!)

North America is experiencing an epidemic of iodine deficiency and thyroid dysfunction, not only causing goiter, but a whopping 59 ailments, including thyroid, breast, and prostate cancer. See how to supplement with the right type of iodine and get the specific dosages Dr. Brownstein recommends to his patients.

#4 Bonus: Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It
(A $20 value — FREE!)

You will find the connection between iodine deficiency and cancer of the breast and prostate . . . Why iodized salt does not provide the iodine you need . . .  How eating baked goods, pasta, and carbonated beverages can demolish your iodine levels . . . Improving your immune system — and your thyroid — naturally . . .  and much more.

#5 Bonus: The Guide to Healthy Eating
(A $20 value — FREE!)

This delightful guide is not a diet book, but a how-to-choose-good-foods book that will make your meals delicious while still keeping you healthy. Dr. Brownstein breaks down the food groups into easily understandable categories, and then tells you which foods are bad and which foods are good. You simply choose the good foods you like and eat to your heart's content. Discover how simple it is to stay healthy and avoid disease!

PLUS: 3-Month Trial Subscription to Health Radar and 90-Day Access to the Health Radar Archives

  • Discover powerful strategies to fight back against cancer, memory loss, heart disease, arthritis, and many other health conditions . . .
  • Learn about medical breakthroughs and proven strategies from top doctors in both conventional and alternative medicine to help add years of robust health to your life . . .
  • Discover strategies to protect you from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills and procedures, and sky-high medical costs . . .
  • Gain access to the archive of 120+ past issues of Health Radar, which you can read or download at your convenience . . .

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