Nature’s Remedy to Ease Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia Without the High

T his may be the most stunning health breakthrough since aspirin was introduced more than a century ago to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Civilizations in ancient China, India, and Egypt used this extraordinary natural substance to heal everything from insomnia, headaches, and tummy distress to pain and more.

Thanks to new scientific advances, it’s quickly becoming a modern day “miracle” for many. We’re talking about cannabinoids. You may know them as the substances in medical marijuana.

However . . .

You don’t need even a smidgen of medical marijuana
to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids!

There’s a safe, effective, doctor-approved way to get the pain-easing, sleep-inducing, anxiety-releasing benefits of cannabinoids without the high.

It’s called cannabidiol — CBD for short. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD is full of healthy, healing cannabinoids and none of the THC levels that get you high — as long as you buy the right CBD.

Dr. Rachna Patel, medical cannabis authority, has seen CBD work wonders on her patients’ chronic medical conditions — many have eliminated their prescription meds and are only using CBD to manage their symptoms but . . .

As you’ll discover in Dr. Patel’s NEW book, The CBD Oil Solution, to make CBD work like gangbusters for you (and avoid getting CBD that’s nothing but useless garbage), then you must know:

  • Exactly how to use it and how often for the best results
  • What to look for in a high-quality CBD to avoid ingesting toxins or pesticides
  • Which forms work best for your ailments — for example, topical CBD works better for muscle pain but that same CBD cream won’t work for anxiety
  • Take the right dose for you — not the dose your sister, best friend, or neighbor takes

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Imagine experiencing what countless
patients of Dr. Patel’s have reported:

Feeling pain in your back, shoulders, wrists, and joints fade away so you can move freely and without pain . . .

Easing anxiety so much you’re ready to spring out of bed and do the things you love instead of lying there all day paralyzed by fear . . .

Putting the brakes on the never-ending loop of negative thoughts racing through your mind as you lay your head on the pillow at night. Instead, you wake feeling rested and refreshed . . .

Enjoying better relationships with family and friends because you’re no longer chronically tired, irritated, or obsessively worried all the time . . .

Maybe even taking fewer prescription medications for low moods or pain or simply lowering the dose — just like the patients of the doctor you’re about to meet have been reporting . . .

How are these medical “miracles” happening?

Dr. Patel’s patients are using her famous 5-Step “Patel Protocol” for how to successfully use CBD and they’re experiencing life-changing results. They’re the simplest, easiest steps to follow and they’re proven to work.

You can get the exact same 5-step “Patel Protocol” the doctor gives her patients on page 48 and read Dr. Patel’s patient success stories starting on page 25 of your FREE COPY of The CBD Oil Solution.

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Medical science shows cannabinoids work!

In 2017, when researchers studied 2,897 medical cannabis patients, 97% of those studied were able to decrease the amount of opioids they needed when using cannabis, which is filled with cannabinoids.

Patients overwhelmingly reported cannabis provided just as good relief as other meds — without the nasty side effects.

The good news is science shows us you can enjoy the powerful health benefits of cannabis without the high —
all you need is CBD.

You’ve probably heard about CBD oils, capsules, gummies, skin creams, and even suppositories. If you haven’t, look around your grocery store or visit any online retailer, dispensary, or local drugstore and you’ll see CBD lining the shelves.

Even your favorite pet store is pushing CBD to help Fluffy and Fido!

There’s one place you won’t find CBD yet so don’t bother looking — find out where it is here.

Mounting scientific research shows CBD works but understanding this natural healer can be downright confusing.

Clear the CBD confusion once and for all!

Everything you ever wanted to know to use CBD safely and effectively to help ease symptoms associated with pain, get back to sleep, or release anxiety and tension and more — is inside Dr. Patel’s breakthrough new book, The CBD Oil Solution.

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An internationally recognized expert in medical cannabis, Dr. Patel has made CBD easy as can be to understand for anyone from age 20 to 120 in The CBD Oil Solution.

All those other CBD books can be so confusing — not this one!

Dr. Patel has helped countless men and women with chronic medical conditions manage their symptoms with CBD. She brings years of medical knowledge of CBD direct to you in The CBD Oil Solution.

Everything you need to know about CBD from what it is, how it works, and how it’s different from marijuana to the benefits of CBD, which health issues it helps treat, and what to look for when you buy — all inside one easy-to-read and follow book . . .

  • Finally, discover the true difference between hemp and marijuana — the one simple number that’s the difference between high and no high. Page 12
  • Gain an easy understanding of how CBD works on receptors in your body. It’s so simple — just think of a lock and key! Page 14
  • Why you don’t always get high on THC — wait until you see this surprising fact about what really causes a high. (rest assured, you won’t get it with CBD if you follow Dr. Patel’s advice.) Page 15
  • 22 health conditions you can help treat with CBD — written in simple English! Can’t sleep, got a bangin’ migraine, or pain running down your leg? Maybe you’re full of anxiety or you’re experiencing painful back spasms?
  • Wait! There are 3 groups of people who should use CBD with caution . . . find out if you’re one of them on page 32.
  • Get a clear look at the 5 types of CBD products and their pluses and pitfalls! Page 37
  • Why you want hemp but should steer clear of hemp seed. Page 37
  • Which form of CBD — oil, balm, or ointment — is ideal for joint and muscle pain. Page 37
  • 10-second trick to reading CBD labels correctly for MAXIMUM healing relief! Page 37
  • Want to know how much CBD is on each serving — the secret is to look here on the label! Page 37
  • Why taking too much CBD can bring on side effects — and how to avoid taking too much (or too little!) Page 37
  • CBD isolate or full spectrum? Which you absolutely want and which one you don’t! Research out of Hebrew University confirms this form of CBD is far more effective than the other. Page 37-39
  • How not to get caught with a CBD that’s been tainted by fake labeling, pesticides, or toxins. Page 40
  • The one thing you must do to make sure your CBD product is clean and wholesome. Dr. Patel insists you ask to see this one thing. Page 41
  • Dosing 101: How to take the exact amount that works for you. Page 50
  • Which CBD products you must avoid. Page 38
  • How CBD can make some prescription medications more effective! Page 54

Plus, get your most pressing questions
answered direct from Dr. Patel . . .

  • Can I take CBD with other medications? Page 54
  • Does CBD oil have side effects? (For starters, research shows CBD doesn’t change your heart rate or blood pressure!) Page 54
  • Is CBD addictive? That’s easy — See Page 55
  • Can I bring CBD on a plane? Read the surprising answer on page 55 before you decide to take your next trip!

Plus, many other questions you’ve been wanting to ask your doctor but may feel a little embarrassed and awkward asking.

Get the answers you need direct from the world-renowned Dr. Rachna Patel in the privacy of your own home.

See Patient Questions . . .

CBD for Sleep

Dr. Patel,

I can’t sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep. I can’t stay asleep. And I wake up feeling like a total wreck. I’ve suffered from insomnia for over 25 years, and I think I’ve tried everything under the sun to find relief.

Over-the-counter sleep aids, like Unisom and ZzzQuil, have left me feeling hungover the next morning. Melatonin doesn’t work anymore. I took Ambien for several years, but that stuff has some pretty scary side effects. Even when Ambien did help me sleep, I never woke up feeling well rested. I’d walk around feeling like a zombie the following day.

Recently, I was telling a friend about my trouble sleeping. He happened to have some CBD oil on hand. I tried some, and I have to say I was definitely surprised. I had the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Was it just a fluke? Does CBD oil really help with sleep?

New York, NY

CBD for Nerve Pain

Dr. Patel,

I’ve had diabetes for a while, and now I’m experiencing some really awful pain in my legs and feet from nerve damage caused by the diabetes. At first, I was having pain here and there and didn’t make much of it, but now, it’s turned into a nuisance that won’t leave me alone, night or day. It’s relentless.

At the start of the day, much of what I feel is numbness, but as the day goes on, the numbness turns into a feeling of pins and needles prickling my legs and feet. Sometimes I feel like my legs and feet are on fire. I wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of electric shocks shooting down my legs. It’s painful even to have socks on.

After a lot of trial and error with medication, I’ve been using gabapentin to take the edge off Every once in a while, it allows me to have a good day, but I have to say that most days are still bad days.

I’m still searching for a solution which can help me turn most of my bad days into good days. I’ve been putting my life on hold because of this pain. Have you found that CBD oil helps patients with neuropathy?

Warm regards,
Los Angeles, CA

Get Dr. Patel’s Answers — what the research says, along with stunning real patients’ results in your FREE book!

How Well Do You Know CBD?

Take this quick quiz, print it out, then look for the answers in your FREE book on the pages noted below.

TRUE or FALSE True False
CBD dose is different for everyone. Page 39
Plants in the cannabis family can accumulate heavy metals which can cause health issues. Page 44
The less CBD you take for relief the better. Page 51
CBD capsules are not the best choice because the CBD dose is fixed. Page 37
Hemp seeds contain a lot of CBD. Page 37
You could smoke CBD if you want to. Page 49
CBD dosing is akin to taking aspirin — follow the dosage on the box. Page 50

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The CBD Oil Solution from Dr. Patel gives you everything you need to know to use CBD safely and effectively — whether you have nerve pain, muscle pain, headache pain, back spasms, anxiety, tension, or other health issues or conditions you need relief from — without resorting to addictive opioids.

Taking prescription meds? Then you know about side effects. Remember, CBD has not been shown to cause negative side effects often experienced with prescription meds. (This is one of the reasons Dr. Patel loves CBD and recommends her patients take it!)

Worried about your heart health? Research shows CBD has not been shown to raise heart rate or blood pressure — and it doesn’t cause weight gain either.

Need better sleep, more sleep? Research out of Brazil shows those taking CBD slept more than 7 hours, had fewer interruptions, and got a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Patel’s patients report they’re falling asleep more easily, staying asleep through the night, and falling back to sleep if they do wake. Turn to page 32 of your FREE book to see which form of CBD they’re using . . . not all CBD is the same!

You’ll also discover which combination of cannabinoids is right for you, as well as get the inside track on how much to take and how often to take it — no more confusing directions.

Dr. Patel will open your eyes and dispel your fears, worries, or concerns about CBD, including: Is it legal in your state.

Wait a second! You get something extra special in The CBD Oil Solution you don’t easily find in other CBD books . . .

Over 40 incredible CBD recipes developed by Sandra Hinchliffe, home herbalist, allergy chef, and autoimmune disease survivor.

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Matcha Latte Page 59

Wild Peanut Brittle Page 78

Apricot Crumble Pies Page 86

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Plus, you get homemade spa and wellness recipes you can zip together at home in just minutes, including:

  • Vanilla-Mint Lip Balm for chapped lips . . .
  • Spearmint-Rosemary Folk Healer Rub for sore muscles and joints . . .
  • Make your own CBD bath salts with pine essential oil, lemon balm, and dried lavender to relieve tension . . .
  • Immune system boosting, Cherry Bark & Elderberry Lozenges to soothe an irritated throat and cough . . .

You can even make your own pain-relieving balms and lotions with the right CBD and Dr. Patel’s favorite CBD recipes!

Every one of these recipes is doctor-approved, so you can feel good about using them.

While you’re at it, make some up to give as gifts to friends and family — they’ll be delighted to receive these crowd pleasers.

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