Critical Information for Men and Women Over 50

Controversial Heart Treatment:

Top U.S. Cardiologist's
Astonishing Revelation

"That's quackery!" Dr. Lamas exclaimed.

The year was 1999, and the new patient sitting across from Dr. Tony Lamas at his Miami Beach cardiology office had just asked about an unorthodox treatment he hoped would help fix his failing heart.

Setting the patient's file on his desk, Dr. Lamas, a world-renowned cardiologist, leaned back in his chair, peered over the rims of his glasses at the scruffy-looking man, and let out a deep sigh.

He then gave the same canned response most mainstream doctors give when it comes to treatments that fall outside the strict protocols of conventional medicine:

"It's expensive, it could be dangerous,
and it’s not going to help you."

In other words, "Just do what I tell you."

That could have been the end of the story . . .

You see, Dr. Lamas is a "mainstream" heart doctor who earned the nickname "the pacemaker guy" when he worked at Harvard Medical School's Brigham and Women's Hospital. He did things by the book.

But for weeks after that encounter, his patient's question stuck in his head. Dr. Lamas knew the therapy his patient mentioned was controversial. It was considered "snake oil" among his colleagues, but the truth was he really didn't know why.

So he decided to look into it himself.

Dr. Lamas didn't know it then, but over the next few years he would discover something that completely changed his view about this "controversial" therapy.

I'll share with you exactly what caused Dr, Lamas' to become a champion of this alternative treatment . . . and how YOU can use this vital information to protect your heart health, reduce your chances of having a risky, invasive heart procedure, and increase your chances of living a healthier, more fulfilling life.


If you or someone you love suffers from heart disease, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, or have been told to "keep an eye" on your cholesterol . . .

You might want to give the rest of this letter your full attention, because what you're about to discover could keep you from becoming a tragic statistic

Ever have a doctor tell you to "stop Googling" and "stay off the internet"? If so, you're not alone. When doctors restrict your freedom to make decisions about your own body, it makes their jobs easier.

So you do what you're told . . .

And before you know it, you're agreeing to a bunch of tests and procedures, you have a stack of medical bills, and you find yourself waiting in line at the pharmacy with a fistful of prescriptions you'll probably be on for the rest of your life.

But here's what no one wants to talk about . . .

Doctors have been using the same methods to treat heart disease for decades, and yet it's still the #1 cause of death in the U.S., killing nearly 650,000 Americans every year.

And the question remains . . .

Why are so many people still dying?

You'd think the "experts" would have figured it out by now, wouldn't you? After all, billions of dollars have been spent on research over many decades. And billions of dollars are spent on treatments like:

  • statins
  • beta-blockers
  • ACE inhibitors
  • stents
  • pacemakers
  • implantable monitors
  • and more

Heart disease is big business, and it's expected to be a $146.4 billion industry by 2022.

And, as it turns out, strong scientific research suggests there is something else going on . . .

Doctors don't know everything . . .
and what they don't know could hurt you

Many doctors dismiss our concerns, don't take us seriously, or aren't willing to consider treatment options beyond what they were taught in medical school.

image of doctor shrugging his shoulders

And even when they work . . .

The treatment Dr. Lamas' patient asked about has been used to treat lead poisoning for more than a half-century. In World War II, this same therapy is credited with saving the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers who'd been exposed to a lethal chemical warfare agent.

That treatment is called chelation (key-LAY-shun) therapy. The word "chelate" comes from the Greek word "claw." Here's how it works . . .

During a chelation procedure, a doctor or nurse inserts an IV into the patient's arm and injects a "chelating agent." This is a substance that "claws" onto or "grabs" heavy metals in your body. The substance most practitioners use is called EDTA. (That's short for a huge word I won't burden you with.)

After the EDTA binds to the toxic metals in your system (such as lead), your body gets rid of them when you urinate.

That's great, but what does
that have to do with my heart?

Good question!

The first time chelation was used to treat lead poisoning was in 1952, when a young child who’d apparently eaten some paint chips from a window sill turned up at a hospital emergency room. EDTA was known to bind with lead, so with no other options to save the child's life, the ER doctor on duty that night said a prayer and gave the child a dose of the chelating drug.

image of arteries getting scribbed from inside

To everyone's amazement, the child survived.

When word got out about the promising new treatment for lead poisoning, a doctor in Detroit decided to try it out on men working at a car-battery plant who were exposed to lead every day.

It got rid of the lead, but something else happened . . .

Workers with a heart condition called angina pectoris (which causes pain due to narrowing of the coronary arteries) started to feel better . . . they could do more without feeling chest pain . . . and they needed less heart medication.

When chelation therapy was administered to people with heart conditions but WITHOUT lead poisoning, 87% improved after the treatments. These results led researchers to speculate there must be a connection between heavy metals and heart disease.

There were more studies that showed similar results, but there was one problem — the studies were not the rigorous kind that the FDA likes, so they were ignored.

Dr. Lamas was looking for scientific backup so he could tell his patients WHY chelation wouldn't work for them. But he found there was no reliable data to definitively say exactly what chelation did — good or bad — to the human body.

So Dr. Lamas went out and conducted his own study with the hope the results would prove once and for all chelation was junk medicine. It was a $30 million randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, “gold standard” study focused on heart disease patients that he dubbed the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT).

I'll fill you in on Dr. Lamas' incredible results in just a second, but let's take a quick look at our current reality . . .

image of Nobel prize

The sad truth is most doctors would rather put you on drugs and cut you open than offer chelation therapy as a solution, even though research shows it could change the lives of millions of Americans who suffer from heart disease . . .

Even though the science behind it is based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery . . .

And even though hundreds of thousands of people (like the ones you'll read about in just a minute) swear it saved their lives.

The people whose lives have been changed by this treatment had to learn about it on their own. Some heard about it through word of mouth. Others were lucky to come across the research on the internet or in an alternative health newsletter.

It should not be that hard to get the information
you need to make important medical decisions.

image of The Chelation Revolution Breakthrough Detox book

That's why I want to send you a FREE copy of The Chelation Revolution: Breakthrough Detox Therapy today. In this 178-page book, award-winning investigative journalist Gary Greenberg reveals the truth about how heavy-metal toxins are destroying your health (and the unexpected places these toxins are lurking).

He also talks to the doctors, many of whom were trained in conventional medicine, who have been ostracized for using chelation therapy to treat their patients — and the incredible results they are seeing in their practices. He even speaks to the patients themselves.

Many of the people Gary interviews in The Chelation Revolution were ridiculed for trying chelation therapy by their friends and family. Others were warned by their doctors not to do it. Those doctors had the same reaction Dr. Lamas had in 1999 when his patient asked him about it.

But as skeptical as Dr. Lamas was back then, when the TACT study ended after 14 years, the results showed the exact opposite of what he expected. To his surprise, chelation . . .

  • reduced the risk of another heart attack by just over 50%
  • reduced the risk of death from all causes over five years by 43%
  • reduced the risk of "combined cardiac endpoint" in patients with unstable angina by 41%

But incredibly, instead of being celebrated, the world of mainstream medicine was furious. Most people haven't heard of chelation therapy. So if it's not familiar to you, don't worry.

image of phone in hand with warning

Your doctor will never bring it up, because mainstream medicine does not believe that heavy metals and heart disease are connected, even though we know that our environment is overloaded with these toxins.

From our water supply to the foods we eat to the everyday products we use, we are bombarded by heavy metal toxins every single day: mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead . . . and the list goes on and on.

While most experts agree that HIGH levels of heavy metals are harmful, there's a growing body of evidence that suggests these toxins are dangerous even at LOW levels, because once they get into your body, they cripple your cells.

When it comes to heart disease, here's what you need to understand . . .

Heavy metals stimulate production of free radicals which cause oxidative stress, and that triggers an accumulation of cellular waste.

That leads to inflammation, which promotes just about any disease you can name. Inflammation in blood vessels causes plaque buildup because it creates fertile ground for cholesterol, calcium, clotting factors, and other substances to build up in your bloodstream.

image of toxic metals blood test

The stiffening and narrowing of the arteries not only restrict blood flow but also raise blood pressure, which further inflames and damages the delicate lining of the vessels.

By removing calcium and heavy metals from blood vessel cells, the vessels become less rigid. Blood flow improves, blood pressure drops, and the likelihood of plaque deposits getting thicker or rupturing goes down and often shrinks dramatically.

In The Chelation Revolution, Gary (who also underwent the treatment himself while writing and researching the book) reveals these heavy metals have been linked to more than just heart disease. Because heavy metals are poisons, they can cause chaos in cells in all parts of your body.

But when you get rid of these toxins by injecting a chelating agent like EDTA, incredible things start to happen.

Your cells become more efficient doing the things they were designed to do to fight off diseases, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Angina pectoris
  • Arthritis
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Gangrene
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney stones
  • Macular degeneration
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • PTSD
  • Psoriasis
  • Thyroid disorders
  • And many more

At this point, I'm sure you're wondering . . .

Could I have heavy metal poisoning?

image of doctor brownstein

Unfortunately, it's very likely.

According to Dr. David Brownstein, a board-certified family medicine physician and one of the world's leading holistic doctors, of the thousands of people he's tested at his Michigan clinic, "nearly 100 percent of them are toxic from heavy metals. The cells are sick from these metals, and they need to be cleaned out to function normally.”

It is impossible to avoid heavy metals entirely, and that's why it's critical you have the information in The Chelation Revolution to make the best decisions for your health and the health of the people you love. You'll discover:

  • Why the U.S. government was forced to admit they were wrong about "safe levels" of one common heavy metal after it was shown to interfere with the immune system and reduce oxygen absorption.
  • The unlikely places you'll find cadmium, a heavy metal that's been linked to bone loss, kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, reproductive issues, and various forms of cancer.
  • Why walking barefoot on your backyard deck may increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  • The 2011 study that revealed more than 40 million U.S. residents had high enough levels of THIS poison in their drinking water to increase risk for “a range of diseases including hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, skin melanosis, and cancer.
  • The reason you shouldn't rush out to remove your silver amalgam fillings, even though they are the greatest source of dangerous mercury exposure.
  • And even more evidence that these toxins increase your risk of developing a wide range of diseases, even at low levels.

You'll also find blockbuster revelations about chelation therapy:

  • There are about 1 million cardiac stent procedures each year and more than 160,000 bypass operations. Chelation therapy could reduce these procedures by 25%, say experts — and at a fraction of the cost. (Find out what that means for profit-driven hospitals.)
  • The benefits to diabetic patients, who are at greater risk for cardiovascular events, is so incredible, Dr. Lamas has launched a second study of ONLY diabetic patients who have had a past heart attack.

Hear the real-life stories of patients
whose lives have been changed forever
thanks to chelation therapy . . .

In The Chelation Revolution, you’ll hear from people who were told to "get their affairs in order" but who are now enjoying their lives without relying on pills and other chemical potions to stay alive.


"Chelation brought me out of the depths of hell”

People like Gary (not related to the author), 61, whose exposure to toxic chemicals and metals at work left him with skin problems, digestive problems, and chronic fatigue. It "got so bad I had trouble walking from my house to my mom’s house, and it was only about 20 yards away."

It took more than 100 sessions to remove all the toxins from Gary's body, but today, he says, he's a "normal person. Chelation brought me out of the depths of hell."

"I can tap dance, and I didn't need anyone to
cut me open or put plastic [stents] in my veins."

Lee from Houston was getting heparin shots every four months to treat a blocked vein in her leg. She also developed an ulcer, and doctors told her there was 75% chance they were going to have to amputate her leg. After starting on supplements, using a chelating cream, and undergoing chelation therapy, Lee, 71, is back on her feet. "I can tap dance, and I didn't need anyone to cut me open or put plastic [stents] in my veins."

"I was in a bad hole and now I’m feeling so well,
I don’t know where the top is."

You'll be amazed to read Ida's story: After being diagnosed with lung cancer nearly 20 years ago, the 73-year-old had chemo, radiation, and surgery. Even after all that, her doctors only gave her a 20% chance of living five years. She now says 80% of her pain is gone and she fully expects it to go away entirely after more treatments. "I was in a bad hole and now I’m feeling so well, I don’t know where the top is. That’s a good problem to have."

"All our friends who laughed at us . . . are gone,
mostly from heart attacks and strokes.”

You'll also meet Marilyn and Robert, who have been getting chelation therapy as a couple for nearly 25 years. Thanks to chelation, Marilyn avoided bypass surgery for three clogged coronary arteries — and she never took any heart drugs. That was more than 20 years ago, and she hasn’t had any heart problems since.


After Robert suffered a heart attack, he chose chelation instead of medications to treat a small blockage in an artery. He now says he's back to his old self, running both a real estate and a construction business. If not for chelation, "I know neither one of us would be here now without major surgeries," says Robert. "All our friends who laughed at us for [choosing chelation] are gone, mostly from heart attacks and strokes.”


These are just a handful of the inspiring real-life stories you'll read about in The Chelation Revolution — stories about men and women just like you who were brave enough to take responsibility for their health, even when the world around them was telling them they were wrong.

And there's more . . .

Not only does Gary tell you how and where to find a chelation therapy practitioner you can trust (and what questions you MUST ask them), he also gives you detox and other health tips you can start using right away.

More of the fascinating info you'll discover
in your FREE Chelation Revolution book

  • The nut found deep in the Amazon rainforest that naturally helps remove mercury.
  • An 8-second trick that stimulates your vagus nerve to decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, and increase relaxing alpha brain waves.
  • What you need to remove from your bedroom to ensure a good night's sleep. (Hint: It's not just electronics.)
  • How you can get a prescription for oral chelation if you can't make it to a center.
  • The supplements that work best to kick-start the detox process at home. Plus, which foods you should add to your diet right away.

Claim Your FREE Copy of
The Chelation Revolution Now!

image of The Chelation Revolution Breakthrough Detox book

The Chelation Revolution is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to know all their options before they make any major decision about their health or the health of a loved one . . .

A potentially life-saving option that your doctor will never even mention!

If you’ve ever wondered if there were a way to reduce your chances of heart attacks without spending a lifetime on medications with unpleasant (and often dangerous) side effects, simply send for your 178-page complete answer book, The Chelation Revolution.

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The first is an exclusive insider-only look at Dr. Lamas' second (and current) chelation trial — what he's found so far and the pushback he's facing from critics. In Lowering Cholesterol With Chelation, you'll also discover:

image of special report of chelation
  • Which two common toxins you MUST eliminate first to reduce your risks of heart trouble. (If you garden or do yard work, you're at an even greater risk of exposure to one of them.)
  • What group of patients cut their risk of dying in half thanks to a combination of chelation and THIS. (Chances are high you are in this demographic.)
  • What convinced top medical facilities like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic to secretly agree to take part in the trial. (A sign that the tide is turning?)

Dr. Lamas' hard work has made it more likely that chelation will one day become an accepted front-line therapy for heart disease. If that happens, it could blow open the door to using chelation for other conditions, including neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's.

If you're at all concerned about protecting your brain so you stay sharp well into old age, you'll want to read your second FREE REPORT, Hidden Dangers of Heavy Metal Toxicity, right away.

Hidden Dangers of Heavy Metal Toxicity is jam-packed with need-to-know wisdom like:

image of special report of heavy metal toxicity
  • The REAL reason Big Pharma's "magic bullet" approach to curing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's will NEVER work. (Too little, too late? You be the judge.)
  • Four food additives that destroy your brain's "immune system." (And what to eat to keep your brain's protective shield strong like Fort Knox.)
  • PLUS, how to protect your kids or grandkids from heavy-metal poisoning (and how to spot the early warning signs that they may already be in the danger zone).

Including this next report was a no-brainer: How to Stop Environmental Toxins From Poisoning You. Consider this special report your personal step-by-step guide to kick-starting the detox process right away, from the comfort of your own home.

image of special report of environment toxins

In it, you'll learn:

  • How to identify which toxins YOU are most likely at risk from
  • Where you are most likely to encounter them
  • What supplements work best at removing each of the most common heavy metals

I could have stopped with these 3 must-read FREE bonus reports and it would have been an incredible value.


But I decided to go one step further by including 2 more FREE reports because I believe the information they contain could help you feel radically healthier in a matter of weeks . . . without ever stepping foot in a doctor's office.

Those 2 reports are Aluminum: Your Guide to Detoxification and Mercury: Your Guide to Detoxification.

image of special report about aluminum and mercury

Here's just a small taste of what you'll find inside these reports:

  • Think you know what fish is safe to eat? Not if you're listening to the FDA's advice! Take THIS supplement every time you eat fish to avoid mercury toxicity.
  • Have amalgam fillings? Why you may want to ditch your iPhone.
  • Plus, the more fillings you have, the greater your risk of mercury poisoning. Learn the 2-step detox program you should start right away.
  • Got gum disease? Why there's a good chance it might be caused by too much mercury in your body. Plus, 8 more unusual medical conditions linked to this toxin.
  • And much, much more!

You'll have instant digital access to all 5 reports as soon as you claim your free book.

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