This ‘Forbidden’ Treat
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The Healing Powers of Chocolate
The Healing Powers of Chocolate

Can this "forbidden food" actually confer health benefits that relieve the eater's guilt and validate the indulgence of those who partake of its epicurean delights?

This delicious treat has a colorful and mixed history . . . It's been called everything from a "food of the gods" to an extreme dietary decadence, overwhelming temptation, and forbidden food. Now people's love affair with this special delight is finally known to be far more than a hedonistic extravagance of those pampered in the lap of luxury . . . or an enemy of those desiring optimal weight and health.

Yes! This "food of the gods" is clearly America's favorite flavor. Fifty-two percent of American adults say they prefer it over all other flavors, consuming an average of 10 pounds a year. But the Swiss hold the world record, consuming 22 pounds of this mouth-watering delicacy per capita annually.

Welcome to Your New Chocolate Heaven!

It's the food you now can shop for in the health-food aisle — a super food that knows no age or gender boundaries.

The food you now can eat without guilt — done with portion-size restraint, of course.

This special book offer will pamper you: In writing The Healing Powers of Chocolate, author Cal Orey consulted with top doctors, nutritionists, chefs, sommeliers, chocolatiers, and even spa owners, to be able to show you the research that backs chocolate as a health food. She offers "chocolate eating lessons" and tempts you with various ways to savor its flavor and enjoy its vast health benefits.

If you love chocolate — or would love to give yourself permission to love it — this book is a must-have. Research now shows chocolate's amazing healing powers to:

  • Lower your risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Fend off diabetes
  • Fight fat
  • Slow aging
  • Enhance physical energy, stamina, and vitality
  • Act as a safe and effective aphrodisiac

Dark chocolate has the highest concentration of flavonoids of any food on a per-weight basis, and it is loaded with antioxidant-rich phytonutrients. A 1.5-ounce bar of quality chocolate has as much antioxidant power as a 5-ounce glass of wine — without wine's side effects.

Orey explains why there's such a misunderstanding about chocolate . . . and why it's not a pleasure you have to "swear off." Claim you free copy now or scroll down to see your special bonus.

Discover what chocolate can do for your health today . . .

  • Why you feel so good after eating chocolate . . . How these eight amazing mood-boosting antioxidants, plus numerous vitamins and minerals, enable chocolate to help you beat disease (p. 38-41)
  • Why is chocolate so healthy? Five ways an ounce of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away (p. 45-53)
  • How chocolate meets Mediterranean — 10 secrets to adding chocolate to your Mediterranean diet (p. 55-59)
  • Twelve healing herbs and spices, plus 12 fruits, to infuse in chocolate for health and pleasure (p. 69-75)
  • Five caveats of eating chocolate — though almost nobody wants to admit them (p. 204-209)
  • Seven rewarding coffee and chocolate pairings that create a buzz (p. 102-104)
  • Dark chocolate has more health benefits than milk or white chocolate — but what to do if you don't care for dark chocolate (p. 211-212)
  • Eleven different medicinal uses for chocolate from 700 years of history (p. 19-20)
  • Got a chocolate stain on clothing or a tablecloth? How to get it out quickly and easily (p. 212)
  • Seven tips for eating and storing chocolate, refrigeration, and shelf life (p. 229)
  • A nutritious and slimming five-day chocolate menu plan (yes, there's chocolate in nearly every meal and snack on this plan!) (p. 230-234)
  • How chocolate helps athletes perform better with increased endurance (p. 61)
  • Thirty-plus scrumptious chocolate recipes — including "Le Chocolat" French Toast, Chocolate Biscotti, Chocolate Fondue, Truffles, Chicken Mole, All-Chocolate Boston Cream Pie, Cal's Earthquake Cake, and the latest novelty, Cocoa Pasta. Plus essential chocolate cooking ABCs (p. 234-267)
  • Twenty-two pages of first-class U.S. and international chocolate companies and their ordering information — including organic, all-natural, gourmet, and prestige brand chocolates — plus author recommendations. These are standouts for originality, presentation, reputation, quality, and service (p. 185, 272-292)
  • A sommelier's six favorite "made in heaven" wine and chocolate pairings (p. 90-91)
  • Rejuvenate and relax in your exclusive at-home chocolate spa with these six high-antioxidant beauty and anti-aging spa treatments! (p. 177-178)
  • And so much more . . .

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