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Special Report: Artificial Sweeteners Will Destroy Your Health (A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

  • How sucralose causes migraines and seizures, elevates blood sugar, and leads to weight gain . . .
  • Why artificial sweeteners disrupt your body’s energy production process . . .
  • How dozens of independent studies have identified adverse health effects from aspartame (while industry studies keep hiding the facts) . . .
  • 8 good options for healthy, unrefined sugars . . .
  • And much more . . .

Special Report: Soft Drinks Are Sweetly Destroying Your Body (A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

  • How high fructose corn syrup exposes you to mercury toxicity . . .
  • The dangers of bromine (found in many soft drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks) . . .
  • The form of honey that actually aids your digestion . . .
  • Why stevia is a better sweetener when it comes to your health . . .
  • Plus more . . .

Special Report: The Sweetener That Wrecks Your Health (A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

  • The little-known link between high fructose corn syrup, heart disease, and liver damage . . .
  • How fructose affects your brain to make you feel hungry . . .
  • The “cherry” cure for gout . . .
  • 5 tips to avoid high fructose corn syrup in your diet . . .
  • And more . . .

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  • Discover the safest and most effective ways to optimize your health using the best of both conventional and alternative methods . . .
  • Find out when prescription drugs are the better choice, and how to prevent or reverse dozens of nagging or potentially serious health conditions . . .
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