The instant you step foot in your grocery store . . .

And whether you know it or not . . .

You’re participating in a massive experiment.

One you may not have consented to if you had clearly understood the health risks involved.

You see, your grocery store wants to keep you in the dark.

Because what you don’t know about your supermarket could indeed make you sick — or worse.

I hate to be so blunt, but supermarkets virtually force shoppers like us to act like rats in a maze.

Every aspect of the grocery store layout has been designed to lure you in and then psychologically manipulate your behavior.

In fact, when you read this letter, you’ll discover how your market:

  • Gives you a carefully scripted sensory experience to make you happy and hungry . . .
  • Forces you to travel through the maximum number of aisles (this is the maze part) so you will put more items in your cart . . .
  • Delays your trip through the store, so ultimately you will spend more money . . .

If you believe you have the right to know exactly how you are being manipulated, and how your health is being casually “toyed with” — without your knowledge — it’s crucial you read this letter today.

Sneaky Grocery Store Tricks

As you enter your grocery store, you step into what’s known in the industry as the “decompression zone.” This area is meant to get you into the best frame of mind to shop. In many stores, you see friendly greeters and some of the store’s best deals on display.

And making a good first impression is critical. Every grocery store knows this simple fact.

So when you enter your local supermarket, you are likely to encounter a pleasant but deliberate bombardment on your physical senses.

In many stores, you start off near the flowers, followed by the produce section.

The floral section is designed to put you in a buying mood, with its bright and cheerful colors and fragrant smells.

And the vivid colors in the fruit and vegetable section stimulate your visual senses, giving you the desire to buy more produce.

Also included in this sensory experience is the bakery section.

Your salivary glands are stimulated by the wafting smell of freshly baked bread, cookies, cakes, and other treats.

Not only do you want to buy these items, but the smell stimulates your overall sense of hunger.

And, naturally, the hungrier you are, the more you buy — of everything. Studies show that consumers spend more money, make different food choices, and are more likely to purchase impulse items when they are hungry. Stores know this, of course.

And here’s something you may never have considered before . . .

Supermarkets Play Psychological Tricks to
Maximize the Time You Spend in the Store

They want you to travel down as many aisles as possible. That’s why they put the food staples in the back of the store.

That’s right.

Meat, eggs, dairy, and other staples are usually found along the back wall of the store.

This means you must walk through the whole store to get to them — and it becomes nearly impossible not to grab other items as you proceed to this area.

Some stores also have sampling stations and cooking demonstrations to slow down your shopping experience. This way you have more time to spend even more money.

OK, now we get to the center aisles — the “dark heart” of the grocery store. Lurking in this area you will find junk foods and packaged convenience foods, those items in cans, cartons, and boxes.

Supermarkets do everything they can to get you away from the perimeter of the store and pull you into these center aisles, where their profits are enormous.

They don’t want you to know this, but they place the items they really want you to buy, including expensive brand name goods and best-sellers, right at adult eye level. This is known as the “bull’s-eye zone.”

Warning: The Most Profitable Area for
the Store Is the Checkout Line

While you stand waiting for a few minutes, stores hope you'll succumb to the temptation of the candy rack and those magazines chock-full of celebrity scandals and gossip.

Impulse items such as chewing gum, candy, soft drinks, batteries, and magazines turn your waiting time into even more buying time — and, of course, more profits.

Marketing studies show that, on average, you go into the store with no intention of buying a full two-thirds of what you do end up purchasing. Your grocery store knows this — and counts on it.

You see, just as there is NO “free lunch,” there is NO “quick trip” to the supermarket.

Ahead, I wanted to let you know that you’ll find a list of grocery store shopping tips to help you fight back against the sneaky strategies they use on you. And you’ll also see how you can get your own FREE Supermarket Survival Kit (a $30 value) with a special offer.

But first, what about all those foods the grocery store wants so desperately to sell you?

How many “science experiments” are you and your family participating in?

Experiments that make . . .

  • Supermarket corporations
  • Agri-businesses and food manufacturers
  • The medical industry
  • And Big Pharma

 . . . richer and richer — with no regard for your health?

Because despite billions of dollars being poured into the latest cutting-edge medical care and research, Americans continue to suffer from a variety of chronic diseases and nagging health issues.

The worst offenders — heart disease and cancer — kill well over 1 million Americans each year.

According to renowned holistic medical physician David Brownstein, M.D., the SAD diet — the Standard American Diet — is a disaster. Dr. Brownstein calls it a major cause of the escalating growth of all the degenerative diseases we’ve seen in this country.

This includes diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and many others.

And here’s something you probably never thought about . . .

Many grocery stores now have their own pharmacies. This didn’t happen by accident. They want to make your market a one-stop shop for buying unhealthy foods, then filling the prescriptions you’ll need when you develop medical conditions.

Because chronic diseases related to poor nutrition have now skyrocketed to epidemic levels, Dr. Brownstein warns you to . . .

Start Looking at Food as a Drug — A Very Powerful Drug

To help you make this crucial shift in your thinking (and achieve better health), Dr. Brownstein wants to give you a copy of his nationally best-selling book The Guide to Healthy Eating as part of your FREE Supermarket Survival Kit.

The Guide to Healthy Eating (an $18.00 value), has been so popular, it’s now in its second printing.

And let’s be clear: This is not a diet book. There’s no starvation or depriving yourself, and no measuring of portions or points.

Dr. Brownstein simply breaks down the food groups into categories you can easily understand, and then tells you which foods are bad and which foods are good.

You simply choose the good foods you like and eat to your heart’s content. You’ll see for yourself how simple it is for you and your family to stay healthy and avoid disease.

When you get your FREE copy of Dr. Brownstein’s Guide to Healthy Eating, you’ll also discover:

  • Why the use of artificial sweeteners does NOT prevent obesity . . .
  • Yummy replacements for those unhealthy foods you hate to give up . . .
  • Why you should avoid low-fat diets, despite what the “experts” tell you . . .
  • When it’s in your best interest to pay extra for organic foods . . .
  • Nine healthy and natural sweet alternatives to refined sugar . . .
  • Food preparation tips and delicious recipes you can use to make healthful meals a breeze from now on . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

This softcover 170-page book ordinarily sells for $18, but it’s yours FREE. You’ll find details on this special offer shortly, but first . . .

Here’s one food you should definitely stay away from: SOY!

Despite What You May Have Heard, Soy Is NOT a Health Food

One of the biggest issues with soy can be explained in just 3 letters: G-M-O.

About 90% to 95% of today’s soy crop has been genetically modified.

That means a foreign gene has been introduced into the plant to help it become more resistant to pesticides and weed killers. Of course, this maximizes crop yield and profits for the big agri-businesses.

Both Dr. Brownstein and his colleague Russell Blaylock, M.D., warn that ingesting these GMOs — often called “Frankenfoods” — will ultimately damage your health.

While the government claims GMOs are safe, scientists have found that just a 33% GMO diet caused large and aggressive cancers in lab animals. In particular, researchers documented an explosion of breast cancers.

Unfortunately, the herbicides and pesticides used on GMO soy crops are carcinogenic toxins that can cause or make breast cancers worse. Plus, they also lead to ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma.

And while GMO crops are restricted or banned by 30 other countries, the U.S. has approved their use based on studies conducted by the very same companies who created them and profit from their sale.

Of course, soy is not the only GMO food.

A Shocking 75% of Foods in America Are
Now Infested With GMO Ingredients

Did you realize that soy and corn GMOs alone go into about 30,000 processed foods currently lining your grocery store shelves?

In fact, soy is often included in:

  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages
  • Bread, bagels, waffles
  • Chocolate (sorry about this one)
  • Margarines and spreads
  • Protein bars and powders
  • Vegetarian “burgers” and meat substitutes

And here’s the worst part: GMO foods are not legally required to be labeled. That means you unknowingly eat them.

So can you see how, once again, you are an unwitting participant in a massive scientific experiment?

This is not an experiment you can easily decline to participate in without expert guidance.

That’s why you need a copy of Dr. Blaylock’s Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods (a $12 value).

It’s yours at no charge as the second part of your FREE Supermarket Survival Kit.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a renowned former neurosurgeon.

He turned to safer and more natural healing methods when he saw how conventional medicine failed to help the rampant epidemic of degenerative and life-threatening diseases we see today.

Recently, he created this simple-to-use guide to help you protect yourself and your family from harmful GMOs.

It’s the perfect size to slip into your purse or pocketbook and take to the store when you shop. And it’s easy to use.

The first thing you’ll discover in Dr. Blaylock’s guide is which foods are most likely to be genetically modified.

You’ll also discover how some of America’s largest GMO crops — sugar beets, corn, and soy — are used in thousands of processed and packaged foods, and how the GMO ingredients are hidden on labels under safe-sounding names.

You’ll get a list of these names — 62 common GMO food ingredients — in alphabetical order.

So before buying any bagged, boxed, canned or bottled product, just check the label and match it up to the list in your guidebook. If you find one of the 62 GMO ingredients — don’t buy that product.

Plus, in Dr. Blaylock’s Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods, you’ll discover:

  • What the government doesn’t want you to know about GMO dangers . . .
  • Dr. Blaylock’s top 5 ways to avoid GMO foods . . .
  • Which types of food labeling are deceptive and misleading when it comes to GMOs and organic foods . . .
  • 4 steps to GMO-proof your shopping list . . .
  • How to dine out without getting unwanted GMOs . . .

As you can see, with your Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods and your Guide to Healthy Eating, you’ll be much better equipped to fight back against deceptions and dangers that could prevent you and your family from enjoying a long and healthy life.

No one should be forced into becoming an unwitting participant in a massive scientific experiment. That’s why Newsmax Health has made special arrangements to send you this FREE Supermarket Survival Kit. And you only need to cover a small $4.95 shipping charge to help defray their costs.

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Don’t Be a Supermarket Victim Any Longer

Now that you’re a savvier shopper, you will want to plot your course through the store more consciously, sticking to the perimeter.

As promised, here are 7 helpful grocery store shopping tips:

  1. Always use a list. You will be less likely to make “impulse” purchases.
  2. Never shop when hungry or stressed. That way, the smell of baking bread or rotisserie chicken won’t get to you.
  3. You may be surprised to know the FDA doesn’t even legally require stores to use expiration dates. When you do find dates, check them carefully. If a food has an almost expired date stamped on it, stores often put it up front or mix it with fresher food. Reach to the back and dig for the freshest items.
  4. Beware the meat section! Many markets use “meat glue.” This unappetizing substance called transglutaminase binds cheaper pieces of meat together with steaks or more expensive cuts of beef.
  5. Follow the perimeter of the store — avoid the center aisles where processed foods and junk foods lurk. And treat items on the end caps of aisles with suspicion. These are products the store most wants you to buy and may upcharge for them.
  6. Studies show up to 30% of fish and seafood are fraudulently mislabeled and could even be a health hazard. Only buy from a trusted source.
  7. If you shop with children or grandkids, be aware that stores often place sugary cereals and other items kids will beg for at their shorter eye level.

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