Iodine Why You Need It

Iodine: The Anti-Cancer Agent —
So What's the Answer to the Iodine Problem?

Dr. Brownstein's interest in iodine grew out of his concern for the millions of people deficient in this critical nutrient. His intensive study led him to write his book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It.

In this fascinating book, you'll discover:

  • The single best way to measure the iodine levels in your body (plus the only lab Dr. Brownstein recommends to perform your testing) . . .
  • The two specific types of iodine to use if you're one of the 96.5% people with a deficiency (and why Dr. Brownstein favors a tablet form) . . .
  • Where to obtain the brand of iodine supplementation recommended by Dr. Brownstein . . .
  • The crucial difference between iodine and iodide (hear why you need a supplement that contains both) . . .
  • Why Japanese men have such low rates of prostate cancer compared to men in the U.S. . . .
  • Why mainstream medicine "fears" the use of iodine . . .
  • The overlooked trace mineral you need to regulate your thyroid function and iodine metabolism . . .
  • How to treat autoimmune disease like Graves' or Hashimoto's safely and naturally . . .
  • The critical importance of adequate iodine levels in children to prevent a low I.Q. . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

Iodine contains many cancer-fighting and cancer-preventing properties.

For one thing, iodine has been shown to cause apoptosis (or cell death) in breast and thyroid cancer cells. Plus, iodine functions as both a strong antioxidant as well as an oxidant in the body. This dual effect makes it a strong anti-cancer agent.

Dr. Brownstein has also noticed clinically that iodine can cause tumors to shrink and die from the center out. He's found similar results with nodules and cysts in the thyroid, ovaries, and uterus after instituting supplementation with iodine.

Do not worry . . .

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And while good iodine levels help fight back against cancer, lowered levels provide fertile ground for cancer to begin in your many different hormonally sensitive tissues — tissues of the prostate, thyroid, breast, uterus, and ovaries.

That's why the iodine level in your body isn't something you want to mess around with.

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