Top Medical Doctor Finally Blows the Lid Off the Scandal . . . 

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When older folks worry about heart disease, they’re mostly anxious about suffering a heart attack. They’re not thinking about heart failure.

About David Brownstein, M.D.

Dr. David Brownstein

Dr. David Brownstein is a board-certified family physician and one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine in the U.S. He is medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Michigan. Dr. Brownstein has authored a dozen health books, and lectures to physicians and the public about his success using natural therapies. He is also medical editor of the popular monthly newsletter Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.


Yet, heart failure is now such a common condition, it has become the leading cause of hospitalization in those over 65.

Dr. David Brownstein found it odd that heart failure was becoming so widespread. And it seemed unlikely that the aging process itself was to blame . . . 

As time went on, Dr. Brownstein’s suspicions grew. And then, one day, he saw research that shocked him.

Researchers from the Drexel University School of Public Health found that, between 1980 and 2006, the number of Americans over 65 hospitalized yearly for heart failure skyrocketed more than 230%.

Dr. Brownstein knew this type of jump could not be explained by aging alone . . . 

So what else happened during those years to cause such an explosion of heart failure?

The answer was actually very simple — and very scary.

Because, as Dr. Brownstein soon realized, those years were characterized by the introduction and escalating use of statin drugs.

Statins: The Most Profitable Drugs
in the History of Big Pharma

It’s true . . .  Statins make billions of dollars for the big drug companies.

But are they effective? And are they safe?

As one of America’s leading holistic medical physicians, Dr. Brownstein has spent decades uncovering the truth about statins.

He warns that you’ve been brainwashed to believe TWO BIG LIES:

BIG LIE No. 1:

Elevated cholesterol levels
cause heart disease.

BIG LIE No. 2:

Taking statin drugs reduces your risk for heart disease and heart attacks.

Before examining these two lies in depth, you should know a bit more about David Brownstein, M.D.

Dr. Brownstein can only help a limited number of patients in his waiting-list Michigan practice. So he spends as much time as he can doing educational outreach through the many books he has written and his well-regarded monthly newsletter (read by 45,000 people).

This letter you are reading right now will provide you with some of Dr. Brownstein’s findings when it comes to statins, cholesterol, and heart disease. And best of all, it’s free information.

Information that could save your life or the life of someone you love. So please keep reading.

Let’s see the real truth about these two lies spread by Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

BIG LIE No. 1:

Elevated cholesterol levels cause heart disease.

Well, this one is certainly a whopper, and here’s why . . . 

As Dr. Brownstein will tell you, every cell in your body requires cholesterol for good health. Cholesterol is a primary organic molecule in your brain, and a major constituent in the protective layer around your nerve cells.

It’s the precursor to your adrenal and sex hormones. You need cholesterol for vitamin D production, as well as for the absorption of essential fats and minerals.

Yet most conventional doctors still believe a lower cholesterol level equates to better health.

Dr. Brownstein calls this the “cholesterol = heart disease hypothesis.” This idea has been around since the 1950s but really gathered steam in the late 1980s, when statin drugs were introduced (certainly no coincidence).

There’s only one problem — it’s not true!

In fact, half of all people who die of heart attacks have cholesterol levels in the so-called normal range.

In a large study of 17,791 heart disease patients, researchers found an inverse relationship between cholesterol levels and death. This means that the lower the cholesterol level, the greater the incidence of death.

Exactly the opposite of what you’ve been led to believe.

How did we get this so wrong? Well, it started with Dr. Ancel Keys back in the 1950s. Dr. Keys theorized that a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet caused heart disease. He undertook a 22-country study to prove it.

Unfortunately, Dr. Keys let his ego get in the way of the facts. When the results did not fit his thesis, he only included data from the seven countries that gave him the results he wanted.

And with the medical establishment and the general public accepting Keys’ conclusions, Big Pharma went to work creating cholesterol-lowering drugs. Once they succeeded, it was off to the races with one of the most successful mass marketing campaign in history.

And that brings us to the second big lie . . . 

BIG LIE No. 2:

Taking statin drugs reduces your risk
for heart disease and heart attacks.

Mark Twain once said “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Nowhere is this more obvious than the case of statin drugs. In the famous ASCOT-LLA study of a major statin drug — the very study that sent statin sales soaring — the drug company reported a 36% reduction in heart attacks.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, according to Dr. Brownstein, the drug company distorted the statistics by reporting the relative reduction, not the actual reduction.

Here’s how: Two people out of 100 had a heart attack while taking the statin drug, while three people had a heart attack with the placebo. So the actual reduction was only 1% (and over 3.3 years).

That means the drug actually failed 99% of those who took it.

Another major study of a popular statin showed an actual risk reduction of a minuscule 0.41%, less than half of 1 percent. But the drug company reported a relative risk reduction of 50%. So headlines around the world proclaimed “new drug reduces risk of heart attacks by nearly half!”

In the wake of this deception, sales of this particular statin drug jumped by $1.8 billion the following year, and it went on to become the biggest-selling drug of all time.

Suddenly, millions of people with no problem — only a cholesterol reading over 200 — were told they needed this drug to prevent heart attacks.

And while the drugs do nothing to protect you from heart attacks and heart disease . . . 

Statins Damage Your Health in Numerous Ways

Dr. Brownstein warns that the use of statin drugs may:

  • Weaken your heart
  • Weaken your muscles
  • Disrupt your hormone production
  • Cause fatigue
  • Reduce your sex drive

And it gets even worse, because statins also:

  • Put you at risk for brain disorders, including dementia, memory loss, Parkinson’s, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Cause kidney and liver problems
  • Increase your risk for diabetes and cancer

But who has told you this before?

Probably not your doctor. Most doctors have been brainwashed since medical school to think of statins as a wonder drug for the heart.

Your doctor probably never told you how these drugs work, either . . . 

Statin Drugs Work by Poisoning a Natural Enzyme
in Your Liver That Makes Cholesterol

Statin drugs poison an enzyme in your liver that makes cholesterol. That’s how they lower cholesterol.

Unfortunately, this enzyme also helps your body make the vitamin-like substance CoQ10, which provides your heart muscle with the energy it needs to pump blood.

CoQ10 is critical for the mitochondria in your body cells to create the energy you need — energy to fuel not only your heart, but your entire body.

So statin drugs deplete the body of its critical CoQ10 by poisoning this enzyme.

Among other problems, this can weaken the heart, and even lead to the congestive heart failure so widespread today among older individuals.

There’s much more to this story you really need to see for yourself.

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